WTF is up with my crazy EX-EX incessantly calling me ALL DAY (like over a 100 times – I’m DEAD serious) and leaving like 30 VM’s.

Obviously he knew it was my Bday but seriously – GO the F AWAY!

And to TOP it off, I have to listen to the first few seconds of each VM in order to delete each one. So even though I’m not hearing the whole message, I’m feeling the attitude behind each one.

Let me share with you a verbal montage of his VM bullshit:

  • Late Morning (in an irritated voice): “MG, why can’t you just pick up…”
  • Early Afternoon (somewhat sad): “Look, I just want to say…”
  • Mid Afternoon (through a soft weep): “I can’t believe your ignoring…”
  • Late Afternoon (realizing he’s insane): “This is my LAST call…”
  • Early Eve (EXTREMELY irritated): “This is bullshit!…”
  • Mid Eve (back to sad): “Why are you doing this…”
  • Late Eve (trying to sound sane): “Ha-ha, oh come on…”
  • Almost Midnight (sounding hurt): “Your Bday is almost o…”

OMG. Leave me alone please. It’s been 4 YEARS. Yes, FOUR years. Get a grip already…DAMN!

Anyone else have a similar craptastic experience with an EX???

still annoyed,

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p.p.s. Today is Midtown PUPS Birthday!!! She is officially 2 yrs old – My Sweety Pie!! Here is a pic of her on her 1st Bday

(Her doggie day care actually threw her a birthday party – how cutie is that?!?!)
Love you Foreva Puppy-doll!!!