Crazy but True: Nightmare on EX Street…

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WTF is up with my crazy EX-EX incessantly calling me ALL DAY (like over a 100 times – I’m DEAD serious) and leaving like 30 VM’s.

Obviously he knew it was my Bday but seriously – GO the F AWAY!

And to TOP it off, I have to listen to the first few seconds of each VM in order to delete each one. So even though I’m not hearing the whole message, I’m feeling the attitude behind each one.

Let me share with you a verbal montage of his VM bullshit:

  • Late Morning (in an irritated voice): “MG, why can’t you just pick up…”
  • Early Afternoon (somewhat sad): “Look, I just want to say…”
  • Mid Afternoon (through a soft weep): “I can’t believe your ignoring…”
  • Late Afternoon (realizing he’s insane): “This is my LAST call…”
  • Early Eve (EXTREMELY irritated): “This is bullshit!…”
  • Mid Eve (back to sad): “Why are you doing this…”
  • Late Eve (trying to sound sane): “Ha-ha, oh come on…”
  • Almost Midnight (sounding hurt): “Your Bday is almost o…”

OMG. Leave me alone please. It’s been 4 YEARS. Yes, FOUR years. Get a grip already…DAMN!

Anyone else have a similar craptastic experience with an EX???

still annoyed,

p.s. If you haven’t already – please enter the MG Bday giveaway HERE to win a $100 F21 Gift Certificate AND

p.p.s. Today is Midtown PUPS Birthday!!! She is officially 2 yrs old – My Sweety Pie!! Here is a pic of her on her 1st Bday

(Her doggie day care actually threw her a birthday party – how cutie is that?!?!)
Love you Foreva Puppy-doll!!!

25 Comments on “Crazy but True: Nightmare on EX Street…”

  1. In honor of your birthday, I think I will say everything "through a soft weep" for a week. Okay?

    Also, time for a restraining order?

  2. Happy Birthday to Midown Pup!
    The VM's are hilarious! They remind me of the movie Two Can Play That Game with Vivica Fox. When her bf tries to call her the day after getting caught with another chick at a club, after telling her he had to work late and canceled dinner. Men!

  3. Happy Birthday Midtown Pup!

    Crazy exes…I could talk about this subject for days. All I can say is keep ignoring him and hope he goes away soon!

  4. That would be called "stalking" and you should tell him if he calls again you'll report him. Sheesh. Men! You should have another guy start answering your phone! Another guy with a really deep voice. 🙂

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday. Sorry you had to deal with that. I've had the same thing from ex-girlfriends of mine. They would continue to call over and over again, sometimes months and years after things ended.

  6. oh man! i am so sorry that you had to deal with that on your birthday! ex's can be so ridiculous! it's like they treat us like crap then see us happy and moving on and then want us. do what i did, change your phone number! best thing i ever did!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    LOVE that description of "soft weep", but a restraining order .. or at least blocking his number should be in order

  8. sorry it had to be a two comment thingy i didnt want to add whut i said above to my


    it just wasnt so nice to say in one comment

  9. OK! I will stop bothering you!! Oh, you are not talking about me? LOL! If I knew where to send you something, I would do it! Happy Birthday again!!

  10. Gosh, I'm sorry. I guess you didn't like your gift.

    It's so hard to buy for people these days and you seem to have it all, so I thought, hey, I bet MG would love to have her ex ex bf stalk and annoy her to the point of laughter for her birthday.

    You're Welcome.

    Seriously, what an idgit! Thank God for Caller ID.

  11. By the way- I couldnt help but go back and read your old posts and I have to say- they CRACKED..I was feeling totally depressed but I found myself laughing my ass off..I must say that Im a little disappointed in the ones about me..Am I really that pathetic, pscyho, desperate loser you portray? I mean- dont I have ANY good points??? How come you
    didnt throw a positive post in there once in awhile for good measure..Damn..Id actually like to talk to you about your blog if Im not still on you PERMANENT shit/dismiss list. You know I like talking about your stuff.. Maybe you can drop me an email or god forbid- give me a call..You can use *67 if youre afraid to give me your number.

    P.S. That big mad face with the stop sign is a bit much- no??? sheesh…I think this is my last visit here- I can only imagine what these chicks will be posting in response to my surprise visit..Ill be waiting for FIVE-OH to be at my door with a restraining order my the end of the weekend..

    Yours Truely,

    Crazy EX, EX

  12. Anon, Wow! If you had an inkling of self respect, you would just leave her alone. Do you realize how bad that this makes you look? If there was an ex girlfriend that you had no more interest in and she was leaving you messages on your phone, you would call her a crazy bitch. MG is simply stating that the key words in "Go your separate way" are "Go" and "Separate". There is nothing more pathetic and weak looking than a man groveling for a woman. You need to get a new life, forget about your old one. If you ever really loved her you would let her go, otherwise you are just a pathetic guy intent on destroying her. Dude, grow a pair of balls and be a man. Take the high road and get on with your life!

  13. I agree with How 2 B. If we cannot move on in our lives, then we will destroy ourselves. I just started blogging. A friend of mine told me that I should check your site out. I was thinking of coming to the city to see the Marathon, maybe meet a couple of friends for lunch!

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