Crazy but True…

Crazy but True: Nightmare on EX Street…

Oct 19th 2009 25 Comments

DUDE! WTF is up with my crazy EX-EX incessantly calling me ALL DAY (like over a 100 times – I’m DEAD serious) and leaving like 30 VM’s. Obviously he knew Continue Reading »

Current Stat: I Now Know Why the Jerkface Pool has Gotten Deeper.

Sep 2nd 2009 14 Comments

Sooo… remember my “Double Dose Of Nonsense” post from a few days ago? Well make that quadruple dose – A. Let’s begin with this Saturday, when I received yet another Continue Reading »

Giveaway Winner & High Line Update! Wow.

Aug 24th 2009 6 Comments

Congratulations to SabrinaFairchild of Reaching for the Moon for winning my Ame & Lulu Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag! Sabrina – congrats & please email me your info 😉 Thank you all Continue Reading »

Just. Plain. Wrong…

Aug 18th 2009 19 Comments

AND mean as HELL! How does someone have this much time to be this cruel? Meanie-Mean-Mean!Sheesh. sympathetic kissies,p.s. – just a midweek reminder to enter my Giveaway, before it ends Continue Reading »

Crazy but True…and Guys Thought CHICKS Had Issues? Sheesh!

Jul 29th 2009 12 Comments

I wonder how many Ex-GF’s mentally & emotionally f*’d this guy up, in order for him to think like this…DAMN! WHY WOMEN ARE WHORES – the Blog. Wow & wow. Continue Reading »

Crazy but True…Parting with Ex-Bling :-)

Jul 26th 2009 15 Comments

Where was this 3 years ago when I broke up with my EX-EX?!? “Sell broken engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and other fine jewelry at Out of Your Life.There Continue Reading »

Dating Dilemma: Single Chick in NYC vs. the City of Angels…

Jun 10th 2009 7 Comments

If you were on twitter last night and happen to follow Ryan Seacrest (shush it), you might have caught his Tweet on “Best cities to be a Single Man or Continue Reading »

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