Dating Dilemmas

Ask MG Dating Advice: “Why is there such a negative stigma on not wanting kids?”

Jan 17th 2011 5 Comments

Hi dolls – MG here answering my fabulush reader’s dating & style questions! Thank you to Stacy from CA for this week’s Ask MG question <3 Dahlings – have you Continue Reading »

Dating Dictionary: Because you need to know…

Dec 9th 2010 2 Comments

And we are at it again, my dolls… Playing text games. She (via text): Hi, how was your day? He: Who is this? Translation: I’m trying to be cute, but Continue Reading »

Dating Dictionary: Breaking It Down One Verse At A Time…

Dec 2nd 2010 2 Comments

Yea. Ever wonder WTF guys/chicks really mean when they whisper those oh so lovely suggestions/thoughts in your ear after a wonderful (or so you thought) evening…hmmmmm? Let’s breakdown a few…NOW! Spending Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Bye-Bye…BB

Aug 25th 2010 8 Comments

Soo… There’s something I didn’t mention when I wrote about BB a few days ago. Even though the date was AMAZE x 100, I kinda felt like something was weighing Continue Reading »

Dating Dilemma: "Snacking" on Your Exes…

Mar 7th 2010 13 Comments

source Sooo…. The other night I came home and realized – I forgot to set my DVR!!! Sweet. So in an effort to detox, I channel surfed hoping to find Continue Reading »

Dating Dilemma: Social Media Stalking Ex’s

Jan 21st 2010 0 Comments

Okay… I was contemplating on whether or to write about this subject, but since it has happened to me not only once, but TWICE, I have to post about it. Continue Reading »

Let’s RECAP: New Year’s Eve…

Jan 3rd 2010 29 Comments

Okay… This weekend was kind of a blur which is why I am posting my eve recap now…whatevz! So, I ended up choosing option #2: Fabulous Soiree hosted in my Continue Reading »

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