Ask MG: Will I Ever Get Over My Ex?

Nov 5th 2012 0 Comments

Dear MG, My Ex & I broke up recently and I feel like everything in my life is falling apart. You know that feeling where you’re in a hole and Continue Reading »

Ask MG: “Should I Block My Ex On Facebook?”

Sep 4th 2012 0 Comments

source: weheartit.com/entry/27259081/via/andrea_nataliaa Dear Midtown Girl, I’m still friends with my ex on facebook. I’m with a new guy now and my relationship is going great, but I really want to unfriend Continue Reading »

Ask MG: My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me But Wants To Stay Friends, Should I?

Jul 30th 2012 0 Comments

   My (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago because he’s going to the west coast for a new job. He says he wants to remain Continue Reading »

Dating Dilemma: "Snacking" on Your Exes…

Mar 7th 2010 13 Comments

source Sooo…. The other night I came home and realized – I forgot to set my DVR!!! Sweet. So in an effort to detox, I channel surfed hoping to find Continue Reading »

Crazy but True: Nightmare on EX Street…

Oct 19th 2009 25 Comments

DUDE! WTF is up with my crazy EX-EX incessantly calling me ALL DAY (like over a 100 times – I’m DEAD serious) and leaving like 30 VM’s. Obviously he knew Continue Reading »

Guess Who Sent Me An Email…

Sep 9th 2009 13 Comments

Sporto-Effing-Fanatico. WTF? My last convo with SF was 5 months ago (via cell) when I decided to stop seeing him b/c he was being a jerkface… He sent me this Continue Reading »

Crazy but True…Parting with Ex-Bling :-)

Jul 26th 2009 15 Comments

Where was this 3 years ago when I broke up with my EX-EX?!? OutOfYourLife.com: “Sell broken engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and other fine jewelry at Out of Your Life.There Continue Reading »