Jerkface and Loohza

Seriously??? Repeating Online Dating Don’ts…

Oct 7th 2010 7 Comments

I’ve been in the dating scene for a while (esp. online dating) and sometimes I think…I know “how” to date. Meaning, I have experienced pretty much the worst/kinda best in Continue Reading »

Double Check Before You Text…

Aug 26th 2010 6 Comments

I knew there was something about HOB that seemed a bit man-whorish. Thursday early eve I get a text from him…that totes wasn’t meant for moi – “Hola Anabella! Puede Continue Reading »

Cheating: KTU’s War of the Roses…this one made my jaw DROP.

Jun 15th 2010 2 Comments

source Dahlings, you know how much I love KTU‘s radio show segment ‘War of the Roses‘ right??? (I just keep forgetting which day it airs, whoops! 😉 But last night Continue Reading »

Have You Registered a Cheater Lately?

May 17th 2010 7 Comments

Did you know…a few years ago, a gf of mine was engaged to a CEO of a hedge fund. Their Park Ave apt was RIDIC, their many vacations were of Continue Reading »

Cheaters Nevah Win…

Dec 2nd 2009 15 Comments

Dolls! Ok, normally I do not talk about news that has been written/televised/reported about ad nauseam – a.k.a. the Tiger Woods scandal. BUT, I just had to post this video Continue Reading »

Cheating: ‘War of the Roses’ – Effed UP!

Nov 10th 2009 18 Comments

Sooo… Last week, while having a fabulush lunch with my now bestie Monica, I told her a story that I had heard from a local radio show that I was Continue Reading »

Crazy but True: Nightmare on EX Street…

Oct 19th 2009 25 Comments

DUDE! WTF is up with my crazy EX-EX incessantly calling me ALL DAY (like over a 100 times – I’m DEAD serious) and leaving like 30 VM’s. Obviously he knew Continue Reading »