"Single in My City" Series: On Location in New Jersey w. Ice Queen from The Constant Chill!

Written by on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 with 17 comments
In this Wednesday’s SIMC epi, we have the Always Candid:
Ice Queen from The Constant Chill,
on location in New Jersey!

How would you describe the ‘dating scene’ in your city?

In my specific city the dating scene is limited. If you didn’t fall in love while you were in high school then good luck to you! Seriously, I’m pretty much a spinster compared to the rest of my graduating class. Sure, I was in love in high school. Who wasn’t? I would have to say that New Jersey as a whole is also limited. Don’t like the beach? Sorry. Don’t like the club scene? Good luck.

Have you in the past or are you currently, online-dating?

I haven’t, but my friends have and I’ve heard many mixed reviews. Some have said that it’s great and they’ve met a lot of interesting people. Others have told me about old, creepy men pretending to be 20 years younger and wanting them to come over to their “bachelor pad” and go for “a midnight dip”. I’m just not willing to take that risk.

If yes, in your opinion, do you think online-dating is a better way to meet new people rather than the traditional meet at a bar/club/restaurant/bookstore/where-ever, scene? Why?

Personally, I think there’s something more romantic about meeting someone in person. It’s exciting to think about how you just happened to be in the same place at the same time like it was meant to be. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

What sort of guys do you try to avoid like the plague?

Frat boys. Don’t laugh…I’m serious. You know that guy who names his red Honda Civic, blasts his club remix playlist, and has the backwards baseball hat on with the polo? Yeah…he’s from Jersey.

What are some of your favorite date spots to go to for dinner/cocktails or both (yay!)?

Lucky for me, I love going down the shore. I’m the type of person who enjoys group dates every now and then (as long as I’m not forced to party with his friends constantly). D’Jais in Belmar seems to be popular among my age group (early-mid 20’s) but I’m more into the beach itself.

What is your staple go-to date outfit? Pics please!

I’ve always been casual so I think I would wear something like this:

Okay….so this girl is like what? 15? Give me a break…I teach first grade. I’m very familiar with Disney celebrities. I also can’t afford to know anything about fashion. It would just make me sad. (I think I need help. Please????)

What would you consider to be the most romantic attribute of your city?

The most romantic attribute of Jersey is the shore. For me, there’s nothing better than the ocean. If your not into that then there are some great mountain sites up north and of course Manhattan is right across the river. There really is something for everyone. One of my favorite local places is Laico’s in Jersey City. It’s small, semi casual, and you can never go wrong with Italian.

Thank you tons Ice Queen! Loved your inside view of the NJ dating scene!!

I definitely have past experience dating NJ Guys – not sure if that’s a good or bad thing – LOL…I kid of course;-)

AND – Make sure to check back every Wednesday for another blogisode of my “Single in My City” Series!

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p.s. I just got a look-see at the illustration done of the Midtown Girl & Olive Hue Designs Giveway winner, Ali from The Way I See It!!

It looks GORGEOUS!! Go check out the amazing work HERE AND

p.p.s. Done with the stalking dammit – changing my number ASAP… XOXO!

17 Comments on “"Single in My City" Series: On Location in New Jersey w. Ice Queen from The Constant Chill!”

  1. Ur x sounds like a total Lindsay Lohan! Has he sat outside ur house screaming, "OPEN THE DOOR!" yet?! Cuz-THAT's when he's reached a sufficient level of crazy to be equal to her!! He's freakin me out from almost 2,ooo miles away!! …If I don't see u post for a couple days, I'm gonna call the police-guy sounds like someone who would stalk AND kidnap! Freaky!!
    AND- Are NJ guys all that bad, or is it just a majority?! I worry for my friend at 'Fancy Lady' now-She's in Jersey–Wish she was HERE! 🙂 I saw 'True Life-I have a summer share', and those guys worried me! 🙂
    Also- I respect the working out thing!! I've been jogging for TWO days, and my legs are sore! But-I refuse to be in the "overweight" category on the height/weight charts! I tend to be unhealthy with the sweets and sometimes I'll eat a cookie or something for breakfast and not eat anything else cuz I HAVE to have sweets-and I reason away that it's the same amount of calories as "real" food! 🙂

  2. Yes! So happy, so happy.

    And I know Ms. Unbeweavable did a SIMC blogisode for LA, but if you need one for the valley area, I'm your girl! 🙂

  3. Ice Queen is my hero. Who cares if I'm old enough to be her great grandmother.

    Nicely done IQ. Can I ring you up next time I'm in NYC?

  4. LOL!!! Alix's comment is so funny.. I just got "balls" for a captcha the other day.. WTH

    Regarding the post, I think I could do something like this, obivously of when I was dating a few years back in Puerto Rico… lemme know 🙂

  5. You take that back about Jersey guys!!!! Just because we don't get the whole dog biscuit dating connection does not mean that we are stupid!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Ha! I really enjoyed reading this!! I seriously laughed out loud "remix play list" and when I saw the picture of that little Disney celeb. SO funny.

  7. haha I love Selena Gomez' outfit. It looks super cute and anyone, no matter what age could wear this .. Not too revealing, just PERFECT!

  8. I love the Jersey shore! That was one of my favorite parts of living out there.

    It's surprising to see how many people meet online these days.

  9. Very nice!! I feel bad for my single friends. There really is not much out there to date. I hear the ones on the internet are usually drunks or gaming addicts.

  10. Nice post, IQ! I think I was lucky meeting my hubby online before the whole internet dating explosion – I think the site we met on folded a long time ago…probably not enough drunks or gaming addicts to keep it going! 😉

  11. I have one question: where is dating not difficult? I live in NYC, where maybe some people think there are several options. But I feel like dating can be tricky regardless of where you are. I would def love some tips…

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