Neighbor Rant.

Written by on Monday, October 12th, 2009 with 21 comments

To my New Neighbor across the hall,

Welcome and congrats on moving into the Apt of Love! I see (hear) that you have a dog, which is great bc I have a dog too. Actually, I’m not sure why I think that’s great bc according to the unwritten NYC Apt Living Code, you & I will prob never speak more than 5 words to each other whilst we co-exist in the same building.

Anywho, I must admit that cordial greetings are not the only reason for writing you this letter.

You see, every time you leave your apt in the evenings & wkdns (esp. 6am on Sunday morns) your dog starts to cry. Let me rephrase this – he starts to WAIL UNCONTROLLABLY of what sounds to me cries of desperation and/or abandonment.

This in turn, makes my own Midtown Pups bark loudly as a response.

You see, I don’t mind if your dog (whom I can hear through 3 closed doors) cries bc he misses you, I just can’t deal with the incessant wailing for HOURS on end.

Bc I am a good neighbor, I will offer you some suggestions:

  1. Get another dog to keep the wailing one company;
  2. Take your dog with you when you leave your apt;
  3. Never leave your apt;
  4. Maybe leave the t.v. on?
I don’t know. What I do know is that his cries are more than just loud they make me feel sorry for your dog.

Please do something ASAP or I will have to put the Curse of Singledom on you.

For your reference, this is what it sounds like:

Feel what I’m sayin’???


21 Comments on “Neighbor Rant.”

  1. Poor you, it sounds like thy neighbour needs to get their act together and keep the dog entertained whilst their out, or to get a dog sitter.

  2. Can you report her to your apartment manager?
    There's a new law here (San Diego, CA) that states if your dog barks for over 30 minutes, you can report them to animal control. My friend has psycho dogs and they've been reported.
    How about if you slip a sleeping pill under the door. It'll make the doggy mellow out.
    I feel for you. There's nothing worse than a dog having an anxiety attack.

  3. Those dog bicuits that you gave to the Jersey guy, get them back and lace them with some sleeping pills! Put the dog to sleep, temporarily, anyway! LOL!

  4. aww it must be suck for you ! i just hate noisy sound like that . well , puppy can be funny but sometimes the noise is driving me crazy . haha . hope your neighbor read this (or not ?) . and the video is just damn funny ! x) have a nice day !

  5. That's terrible. I'm really sorry for you. I hope that this situation will work out for the best very soon. I live out in the country. My neighbor has a lot of hunting dogs. Those things get on my nerves all the time.

  6. That is absolutely horrible. I don't know if they are bad dog owners for leaving their dog so sad are good ones because he actually cries when they leave.

  7. That's what my dog sounds like when you leave him in the car. Only he's quite large so it's very strange that he makes these high pitch squealing sounds. Good luck with this!

  8. Oh how I feel your pain.

    I couldn't handle the crying dog. I would have to break in and steal the dog. I couldn't keep the pup because the neighbor would find out and take him back causing the crying to start all over again. I would steal the pup and give them to a deserving family.

    I would also tape this video and somehow install a tape player with remote control unit and play when she's there.

    Scary these ideas are just flying off the top of my head. Imagine if I had time to think about a real solution.

  9. I had the same problem couple of years ago. My neighbor had too dogs which cried very loudly. My neighbor were sometimes two weeks away. He threatened to hit a veterinarian, who had to come to his home. Finally everybody else had to move away but that man with his dogs maybe still lives there.

    I love your way to write.

    I hope you don't have to suffer long time.

  10. slip him an anonymous note under the door…unless you're the only two apts on the floor. in which case, I'd probably still slip a note under the door bc mama needs her beauty sleep. woof.

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