the very FIRST guy you’ve ever met on an online dating site 4 years ago, finds you back on the same site & emails you…

I have recently came back to this website…after a long time. As I’m scrolling through… I see what looks like a familiar face!!
So… just wanted to say hello!! It’s been a very long time. I hope all is absolutely wonderful in your world!!!”

He was the 1st guy I dated after my EX-EX & I broke up. Our date-ship lasted for 6 weeks until he lost his job as a trader and “had to figure things out”. I remember him asking me questions like “would you have a big wedding or a small wedding?” (completely effing with my freshly traumatized emotions) and “do you cook? bc it drives me nuts if a girl pulls out a stack of menus and orders dinner out” (welcome to the big city, dollface).

I wonder if he still lives in his mom’s basement…(later revealed to me by one of his “buds”).

Granted I haven’t been online dating for 4 years straight, but this is kinda RIDIC.

Could this be a sign from the dating gods that I’ve overstayed my online dating welcome…?