NY Fashion Week ’09 – Midtown Madness!

Sep 12th 2009 12 Comments

Couple of Updates that will be posted throughout this Weekend: Be sure to look out for my Midtown coverage of NYC Fashion’s Night Out ’09 on Dream Sequins Fab blog Continue Reading »

Can You Really Find – "The One" Online??? YES!

Sep 3rd 2009 19 Comments

Just ask Diana from Our.City.Lights! I was first introduced to Diana’s lovely blog, through a guest post she did on another fabulous blog & awesome bloggy friend, Dream Sequins (whom Continue Reading »

Meet. Moi. Blackberry.

Aug 25th 2009 19 Comments

Bing this beotches. LOL! Just like Bing is the go to browser on our beloved (and pink) blackberries, meetMoi seems to be the go to “location based, mobile dating service“. Continue Reading »

Question: Would You Try…A Video-Dating Site?

Jul 21st 2009 11 Comments

I think…I juuust might! After online-dating on & off for –yikes– almost 3 years, the #1 issue I have with it is the visual portion of the process. Profile pics Continue Reading »

Update: Laptop Meltdown!

Jun 15th 2009 10 Comments

Ok, so my laptop completely shut down on me this weekend, thanks to it being inundated with craptastic adware b.s. As soon as it’s fixed I’ll be putting up my Continue Reading »

Weekend Stat: Friday, Friends & Fun ;-)

Jun 12th 2009 6 Comments

Sooo, this weekend (besides some work of course) will be spent with great food great spirits & great gf’s! Some updates: 1 – As usual I forgot to close out Continue Reading »

Crazy but True…Online date – for FREE? Works for ME!

May 5th 2009 0 Comments

No money?? No prob! According to www.downtoearth.com (wonder why they came up with this name?), they are a “100% free, 100% real people” online dating website – and not just Continue Reading »

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