Romance on the Run: New iPhone App = New Romance Opp

Written by on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 with 3 comments

There’s an App for everything!!

iPhone has a new app called ‘Are You Interested? Well…are you??? Here is some info (from their website) about the facebook dating app’s newly created iPhone app:

‘Are You Interested?’:

“Over 13 Million people already love ‘Are You Interested?‘ on Facebook. Now ‘Are You Interested?’ comes to the iPhone with more cool features!

• Browse photos of singles in your area & tap ‘Yes’ on people you like.
• View your ‘Matches’ and find out who likes YOU!
• Check out the ‘Buzz’ and meet singles in your area who are online right now!

Move over online-dating – here comes I just need to get an iPhone (how much are they currently btw?)

3 Comments on “Romance on the Run: New iPhone App = New Romance Opp”

  1. i guess now you can multi task and date….

    can you imagine “sorry can you hold i need to tap someone i just found interesting….”

  2. ok…so i posted this on my blog but just incase you didnt return..

    “i might get some heat for saying this but…dont we all secretly want to take some of the brides attention…in a non malicious way! ok some in a very malicious way i wish i could put this girl on blast but its very not nice of me =x”

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