Weekend Stat: Friday, Friends & Fun ;-)

Written by on Friday, June 12th, 2009 with 6 comments

Sooo, this weekend (besides some work of course) will be spent with great food great spirits & great gf’s!

Some updates:

1 – As usual I forgot to close out my pro after seeing another douche look at my profile – this time it being Downtown Boy. Jerkface 1!

2 – Midtown Cutie never called. Not sure if he got the package, but let’s assume he did. Jerkface 2!

3 – I, however, did get a package – my giveaway win from FABULOUS KEL @ My So Called Fabulous Life XOXO!!!!

Anastasia Mini Brow Kit:
– Mini Matte Camille Highlighter
– Mini Tweezers
– Mini Clear Brow Gel

~ Dear Kel – Pups wanted to say thank you as well ~
was not easy taking this pic – she hates the camera, LOL!
Next time we’re on the West Coast, we totally have to meet! 😉

What a sweet way to start the weekend right!!

Have a wonderful Friday dahlings, xoxo

6 Comments on “Weekend Stat: Friday, Friends & Fun ;-)”

  1. OMG-this is the cutest & best thank you i've seen!! i'm ooozing with ooOoOh and awwwwws! definitely going to post this on my site!

    please give pups a big kiss on the nose for posing that little diva girl.

    i havent gotten your email about gucci but i'm always here to help! Whatever coast we're on we do have to meet! yayay!

  2. so cute!! I hope midtown boy calls! he sounded nice and it's kind of cool that he's from Jersey 🙂 But evem if he doesn't it doesn't matter! It wasn't meant to be.

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