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What’s In Midtown Girl’s Travel Bag?

Jul 31st 2017 0 Comments

Normally, I pack ahead of time so that I’m sure I have everything I need. This time however, I literally packed my travel bag in less than 20 mins. The Continue Reading »

NYC Style: Random Routines & Habits Of ‘Ladies Who Lunch ‘

Jun 10th 2013 2 Comments

  Dammit when hair stylists offer the best gossip. A few weeks ago I had my hair styled by a fabulush guy in a downtown salon who’s previous location was Continue Reading »

Ask MG: “I’m super excited to be coming to NYC this fall, do you have any tips for living in NYC?”

Jan 2nd 2013 0 Comments

Dear MG,  I was just accepted to Columbia University, and I am super excited to be coming to NYC this fall! Do you have any tips for living in NYC Continue Reading »

Current Stat: I’m Engaged!!!!

Dec 7th 2012 14 Comments

 Midtown Chap: “Amy, will you marry me?” Me: “Yes x FOREVER!!!” My last Current Stat was exactly 2 years ago, when MC & I offish became a couple. Back then Continue Reading »

Holidays In NYC: Thank You For Your Friendship, Support & Advice

Nov 21st 2012 0 Comments

  I am so thankful to have readers, blogger besties & social media fam who are amaze x 100. You dahlings have been there for me when I was single, Continue Reading »

Miss My New York <3 #MGinParis

Oct 31st 2012 2 Comments

Hello, dahlings! Obvs, due to Hurricane Sandy, my flight to NYC has been delayed. I am still in Paris but should be back by Thursday evening. Will totes update you Continue Reading »

Midtown Girl On The Times Square Billboard – Totes Fabulush!

Apr 30th 2012 1 Comment

MG hearts Midtown x 100! kissies,