Update: Laptop Meltdown!

Written by on Monday, June 15th, 2009 with 10 comments
Ok, so my laptop completely shut down on me this weekend, thanks to it being inundated with craptastic adware b.s. As soon as it’s fixed I’ll be putting up my next post – Character Breakdown: Green Bay Bore…;->
In the meantime, I just found out that one of my fav blogs, New York City Daily Photo, has closed down! Boo ;-( I loved his daily pics and of the inside view of all things going on in the city.

One of my fav pics was of a lovely couple getting married on Sullivan St., downtown…I hope I’ll be this thin on my day – LOL!

Husband & Wife pic from New York Daily Photo

Hope everyone’s week is going well dahlings –

10 Comments on “Update: Laptop Meltdown!”

  1. dude WTF about NYC Daily Photo. TOTALLY F*in bummmedd… that was like my daily meds from being home sick..

    ok dude whats up with the comp. is the the crap one? i hope it gets fixed soon.

    so i was reading about the other thing…the wanna be midtown. she aint got SHIT on you. mmhmmm (head shaking back and forth and all). man this makes me think. i just googled and theres another my so called fabulous life before me. dammit! i just called myself out!

    oh and check this! on the hermes post. lol

    Anonymous said…
    yup, you sounded like a snob. get over yourself. it's just shopping.

  2. OMG I hope computer gets well soon! And I used to go to NYC Daily Photo toooo…..fuck fuck.

    and yeah, wanna be midtown, I checked her out when you posted…uhh uhh woman. Not even CLOSE.

    Thanks for always having my back girl. Between you and K I am COVERED COAST TO COAST. And so are you my dear, sooo are you.

    Lots of love to you! and sicky computer!

  3. Several years ago, because of a health issue, I was very thin, though fit looking and such. My gf at the time told me that my hip bones were like razors. No wonder my kids hated her. Don't worry about your weight on your wedding day 🙂
    Neither of those two in the pic look like a prize anyway. Good that the married each other.

  4. computer crashes are one of my worst fears–even tho I DO have a back up drive! 🙂
    It makes me think of Sex and the city when Carrie's laptop "sad macs" and she rushes to the IT guy with it wrapped in a pashmina!

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