Meet. Moi. Blackberry.

Written by on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 with 19 comments
Bing this beotches. LOL!

Just like Bing is the go to browser on our beloved (and pink) blackberries, meetMoi seems to be the go to “location based, mobile dating service“. Say this 3 times fast!

“How it works”

So, dahlings…would you guys try ‘meetMoi‘?

Mid-week kissies,

19 Comments on “Meet. Moi. Blackberry.”

  1. OHHH I was just reading something on this in one of my Sept issues…good call lady. I dunno…would you?! I guess if I was bored and had a great escape route? haha.

    3D allllll the way mama. Hugs and Kisses to YOU!

    and wait wait, Bing for Blackberries? Help help.

  2. Oh my goodness…this is very cool, but could be scary. I would be worried about who is on there and looking around for me.

  3. This sounds sooo cool! Are you gonna try it? Just make sure to NOT use it after too many cocktails on a Saturday night =)

  4. I'd do it! Just be specific on what ur lookin for so the matches are what ur lookin for and u don't have a Barney walk up 🙂

  5. What's a Bing? (ok maybe I am not as geeky as I thought I was ha ha!). You have to ket me know if it works – so curious!

  6. This kind of sounds creepy. You don't know who the person is and they've probably lied about everything that makes you compatible. Serial killers must love this!

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