NY Fashion Week ’09 – Midtown Madness!

Sep 12th 2009 12 Comments

Couple of Updates that will be posted throughout this Weekend:

  • Be sure to look out for my Midtown coverage of NYC Fashion’s Night Out ’09 on Dream Sequins Fab blog this weekend!
  • I will be positng pics of my showroom viewing of the Francis Spring 2010 Collection that I was invited to by the gorgeous WendyB – love her & love my new Francis Jacket!

  • Sunday will be brunch & munch with Nubia & Alixrose as we munch and try to catch some Midtown StreetStyle pics of the tents pre-Monday Madness!
And if that doesn’t work, I can always walk home..it’s only a 10 min walk for me from Bryant Park! (Ok, 10 mins if I walk super fast – LOL)!!


12 Comments to “NY Fashion Week ’09 – Midtown Madness!”

  1. Little Ms Blogger says:

    How fun. Always wondered what going to fashion week would be like.

  2. otin says:

    Umm, nothing really to add to a fashion post except to say hello:)

  3. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Sounds like fun fun this week. I'm still upset your not going to IFB monday! But let me know where we're going tomorrow.. I would love to snap some pics outside the tents sounds fun

  4. Elizabeth Marie says:

    Sounds so amazing darling. Love the updates love you love it alllllll!!!!!!

  5. Chessa! says:

    you are amazing! I cannot wait to see all the coverage and your FNO post on DS. still so sad I didn't get to see you on Thurs. I don't think I will ever get over it. sigh. xx

  6. Beth Dunn says:

    Sounds like a ball!!! Have a great time xoxo

  7. Keith says:

    Sounds awesome. Hope you've been having a blast.

  8. parkaveprincess says:

    Have fun! It sounds amazing 🙂

  9. kelly says:

    you k ick ass girl! simply divine agenda going on ! cant wait to see pics xoxoox

  10. The Peach Tart says:

    I'm soooooo envious.

  11. Hanako66 says:

    it has been so much fun, yet total torture to read about your fw exploits!!! xo

  12. Kristin says:

    Can't wait to see the Francis pics! I have to dresses and lurve them!

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