I think…I juuust might!

After online-dating on & off for –yikes– almost 3 years, the #1 issue I have with it is the visual portion of the process.

Profile pics can be:

– sometimes (many times) dated;
– a poor (shit-ay) representation of what someone really looks like;
– in one case, of a completely different (loo-zah) person!

So what better way to avoid false-photo reps than to video-date?…! Also, known as “social-dating”, Zoosk.com, provides a live-chat & video exchange for those singles who would like to get to know a prospect in a more ‘personal’ format, rather than just participating in the traditional email/online chat exchange.

About Zoosk: “Zoosk is brand new breed of online dating experience. We are committed to making online dating social, fun, and painless through integration with major social networks. Zoosk is a fun way to socialize and meet other singles in your area.”

And just in case you need to brush up on your video-etiquette, here are some online video-dating tips from dating expert (expert?) Rachel Greenwald, author of “Why He Didn’t Call You Back”, taken from this nypost.com article:

“1. Decide what to wear according to what looks best from the ribs upward. Your date will only see your upper half,” says Rachel Greenwald. Please be fully dressed just in case, thanks.

2. Necklines are key. Super-cleavage is going to look slutsville, and a soft lamp behind you will look hot. “Men: no stains or slogans on your T-shirts,” Greenwald says. slutsville? lol

3. Best angle to avoid a case of the chins: Elevate the laptop on two phone books and tilt the screen slightly down. Or you can just face backwards if ur super fug-lay.

4. See what you really look like ahead of time using video-capture Snapz to evaluate all those not-so-adorable tics. or just ask ur better looking friend to sit in for u instead!

5. “Take a few sips of wine to relax,” Greenwald says. Don’t sip throughout the date. You’ll look like a lush and have to duck out, leaving the screen blank. or just pop some zanax if ur that scared u freakin’ wuss.

6. Use silly icebreakers. “You are not a Census taker!” Greenwald says. She likes: “What’s your best secret skill? best secret skill? i can picture some bada-bing guy sayin: “u’ll find that out later, sweet-cheeks!” ugh.

7. Prep the way you would for an in-bar meeting. High-quality vid means that your crazy hair and lack of makeup will look exactly like that. But wearing a top hat and lighting sexy time candles is probably overkill. what if ur vid quality is similar to the blue-green, grainy paris hilton porn-vid (not that I saw it myself or anything, lol)…do I still need mascara?

8. Never underestimate the importance of smiling and “direct eye contact,” says Skype’s Jamie Sorcher. If you look away, you look like a sketchball. directly at the camera or directly at your lappy’s screen? what if ur f*buddy rings the doorbell while ur video dating… wud that be considered sketchy?

So what do you guys think – YAY or NAY?


p.s. – I finally figured out the difference b/w facebook networked blogs (XOXO Sophia!) & facebook pages, both of which I’m on…at last! Follow MG there too dahlings! Please? ;->