And we are at it again, my dolls…

Playing text games.

She (via text): Hi, how was your day?

He: Who is this?

Translation: I’m trying to be cute, but clearly I suck.

Calling 9-to-5er’s.

She: How come you never call me after 5pm?

He: Babe, I don’t want to bother you in the evenings.

Translation: Because my wife prob won’t approve.


She: So what happened with your ex?

He: My ex was a crazy bitch.

Translation: I think most chicks are crazy bitches. I’m sure you prob are one too…

Scrutinizing your date night outfit.

He: So, do you always wear designer stuff?

She: Uhm, yea I like to wear nice things.

Translation: I hope you’re not a gold digger.

Opening your friendship circle.

He: I think my friends will really like you.

She: Aww, I’d love to meet them

Translation: I REALLY like you.

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