This weekend was kind of a blur which is why I am posting my eve recap now…whatevz!

So, I ended up choosing option #2: Fabulous Soiree hosted in my gf’s townhouse apartment on the UWS for New Year’s Eve, for 2 reasons:

  1. I had already promised my gf I would go; &
  2. She said I HAD to meet this special fellow that she invited as well.


Ok, so what did I end up wearing???

MG’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ Outfit:
Cute black silk tunic dress, Dolce & Gabbana OTK grey suede boots

Why boots? I have no idea…my apt was cold, I threw them on and poof – they felt right.

Anywho – I had called for car service early that day bc catching a cab anytime during NYE is virtually a nightmare. Car came around 9pm and driver took me to the UWS.

Did you dahlings know, the air feels 10x cleaner on the UWS than it does in Midtown? With it’s tree-lined streets and clean, wide sidewalks, it was a pleasant place to be (for the eve, not forever – eff that).

When I get to gf’s townhouse, I could see that her soiree was in full celebratory mode from the gleaming lights shining through her bay window.

Gf buzzed me in and as soon as I walked into her apt, I could smell her famous mint chocolate-chip mini cupcakes – if you’ve never tried, you must dammit (I had 4 that eve!). Dollface greeted me with a fabulous kissie on the cheek and handed me a flute of rose champagne.

After catching up with gf for a few, I let her do her hostess thing and walked over to her unbelievable buffet spread…a foodie lovers delight! Everything was mini-fied: mini crabcake BLT’s, mini pommes frites-filled cones, mini pork loin slices on crostini’s, mini GRILLED CHEESE sandwiches with Gruyere…

For a brief moment, that Golden Girl’s epi where Sophia is at a banquet and starts dumping apps into her bamboo purse, flashed through my mind. But only for a moment, ok.

I chatted up with a few other guests, a lovely woman who was an accessories buyer for Saks (my new bestie? I kid.) and another fellow who was an exec at ABC Carpet & Home (why haven’t I gone into this luscious store yet, I wonder?).

I was in mid-convo discussing the continual difficulty in finding my dream coffee table, when gf pulled me away to introduce me to her ‘good friend’, Tan Resty: a mid-30’s, super tan, thick salt & pepper haired, restaurateur of 2 resty’s, one in Chelsea & the other in Flatiron (still can’t believe I have not written about ‘Wharton Flatiron’ Guyto be con’t).

Tan Resty
reminded me of that type who preferred to drive something in a vibrant shade of a red and with a girl 15 yrs his junior sitting in the passenger seat.

GF: “This is one of my favorite people, MG.”
ME: “Aww, thank you gf. It’s very nice to meet you, TR.”
TR: “The pleasure’s mine. I can see you being one of my favorite people as well.”


So Tan Resty & I head over to a chaise and start chatting about…HIM. Yup, majority of the convo was revolved around him:“I am working on this…”, “I travelled here…”, “I prefer to go…”. B-LAH, B-LAH.

It’s now around 11:30pm and I officially know almost everything I need to about TR. Luckily for me though, another guest had just come over to greet T.R. While they were catching up, I excused myself and headed straight to…the buffet table, of course! LOL.

I was literally inhaling the mint choc-chip cupcakes & mini grilled cheese’s (yup), when a male guest asks me:

HE: “Are you going leave any cupcakes for me?”

Oh. Damn.

ME: “I know, I look like a piglet. They are sooo delicious though!”
HE: “I’m only kidding. How do you know gf?” (the hostess)

We talk for while, at the buffet table no less and convo was pretty fantastic! A VP for a hedge fund (finance guy-I’m shocked), he was tall, w. dark-hair & eyes, dressed in a white button down shirt under a velvet blazer & in dark trousers…very attractive. And very sweet.

Sweet Hedge Guy and I end up chatting right up until the clock struck Midnight!! I didn’t even realize the time until gf kick-started the 10 second count-down…the time just flew.

SHG & I raise our glasses, toast “chin-chin” and exchange charming smiles. It occurs to me that I kinda just up & left Tan Resty, so I turn around to see if he is still in the same spot…nope!

Tan Resty has occupied a corner of the room and with a small crowd of fans surrounding him, he is motioning his arms wide apart, as if to describe something of enormous size (his ego, I would imagine). My absence has clearly not affected TR, so I continue convo with SHG.

Gf comes over to us to ask if we are enjoying her festivities – of which we totally are – and when she sees TR behind me, she shakes her head and mumbles “forever in the spotlight” then walks over to him to hear what current story he is sharing with the rest of her guests.

It’s getting late. Now 2 am, I’m tired and just want to get out of my OTK boots and into my NM slippers and call it a night. SHG asks:

HE: “How are you getting home?”
ME: “I think I’m gonna call car service bc it’s too cold to wait for a cab. Plus I prob won’t find one now anyway.”
HE: “I think I’m going to head out as well. You said you live in Midtown East right? I live in the UES and can give you a ride if you’d like.”

I like.

ME: “Oh, you drove over here? Ok, if it’s not an inconvenience then…sure!”
HE: “Great!”

Both off us get our coats, and as SHG says his goodbyes to gf, I head over to TR and interrupt his never ending story to say goodbye…

ME: “It was great meeting you TR, Happy New Year!”
TR: “Oh definitely, let’s make plans this week!”

Let’s not.

I walk over to gf, tell her how fabulush her party was and she notices SGH waiting at the door for me…

GF: “Oh, are you guys heading out together?”
ME: “Yes, since SGH lives on the UES, he was nice enough to offer me a ride home.”
GF: “Well isn’t that sweet of him.”

I’m not sure if the sarcasm I sensed from her was real or just the rose champagne taking it’s effect, so I gave gf a hug and told her I would call her the next day.

GF: “Call me when you get home.”

Uhm, okay. Sheesh!?

SHG & I get into his car and during the quick ride back to my apt we speak about things that we love to do in the city and hopes for the new year.

We get to my apt and as I say goodnight to SHG I see a text from gf. I’m about to read the text when SHG says, “can I see your cell for a second?” and takes my phone.

He starts to dial a number (wtf?) and then his cell starts to ring. Ohhh, I get it.

HE: “I just wanted to see if my cell still works.” (Smiles)
ME: “Uh, huh. Very smooth!”

It was cheesy, but at the same time still cute, so whatevz…

I get out of the car and as I head up to my apt I read & respond to gf’s text –

GF: Where are you?
ME: I’m home, why?
GF: Where is SHG?
ME: I’m assuming he’s on his way home, he just dropped me off. Is everything ok??? What’s wrong chickie??
GF: Oh ok. SHG told you he was ENGAGED, right?

No, actually…he didn’t.

Happy Monday kissies,

p.s. – I’m going to mentally file this ending as part of 2009. It’s way too soon to mess up my 2010. XOXO