Cosmo’s "10 Dating Truths You Can’t Ignore"!

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Years ago, I used to be an avid Cosmopolitan reader (magazine not website).

But, with all the different life style/dating/relationship portals online, there are tons of places to get info!

So, when I saw the Cosmo article-slide show “10 Dating Truths You Can’t Ignore”, describing various male dating patterns, I forgot how much…I Love My Cosmo!!

“10 Dating Truths You Can’t Ignore”
By Holly Eagleson

Truth #1: You’ll regret that “Just wanted to make sure you got my last message” follow-up to an e-mail, text, or voicemail. (LOL – I’ve totally done this before!!)
Truth #2: If you don’t feel comfortable having a conversation with a guy about sex — especially condoms — you shouldn’t be getting busy with him. (Exactly.)
ItalicTruth #3: If a man breaks up with you out of the blue, the out-of-the-blue part is really only on your end. (I guess…wait, what?)

Truth #4: Just as it’s best to wait to drop the L-bomb until your man does, let a guy change his Facebook status to “in a relationship” before you do. (Not thaaat into FB, thanks!)

Truth #5: No woman in a healthy long-term relationship has ever said, “Gee, I really wish I’d slept with my man sooner. (I guess…wait, what?) LOL...

Truth #6: Keeping a change of clothes at work in case of an emergency walk of shame isn’t optimistic behavior…it’s career-savvy. (Uhm…hoe?!)

Truth #7: When a guy repeatedly refers to his exes as “crazy,” “psycho,” or “sluts,” he will use those same words against you one day. (Totally dated a guy that did this too. Wonder if he now describes me as psycho…whatevz, Douche!)

Truth #8: If a relationship feels like too much work after the first month, it’ll be 10 times harder a year from now. (it’s called a shit-tay relationship – Get.Out.Now.)

Truth #9: A guy who rates you or other girls as a number from 1 to 10 is a loser, even if he gives you a 10. You’re a woman, not county fair livestock. (Some guy just yelled a number out at me as I walked out of Daffy’s the other day.. WTF is wrong with some dudes? NOT HOT.)

Truth #10: A guy who talks about how skilled he is in the sack is like a man who brags about his money. Either way, he ain’t got it. The kind of man you want to be with knows that actions speak louder than words. And thankfully, there are plenty of those types out there! (Where? I kid of course, lol!)

Have you dahlings ever experienced any of the above “Dating Truths”???


p.s. Thank you to my recent SIMC darling Jaime from La vie…J’aime. I won her giveaway and just received it!!

Love everything in the package, Jaime – especially the super pretty Vera Bradley Desk Planner – totally needed one too!! XOXO

25 Comments on “Cosmo’s "10 Dating Truths You Can’t Ignore"!”

  1. HAsn't happened to me, but I agree with most of the points listed.

    Truth #5: No woman in a healthy long-term relationship has ever said, "Gee, I really wish I'd slept with my man sooner."

    PS – I have a really great giveaway on my blog – Ugg boots. Don't forget to sign up! 🙂

  2. i have totally done #1 !!!
    Truth #8 is so trueeee,err myabe 100 times harder?
    well i exagerrate a lil bit okay?
    maybe 99?hehe

  3. #4 holds true if you met through an online dating service as well. A lot of men will say "you're great, I don't want to date anyone else" but check their online profile to see if true.

    My hubby, who I met me online, told me this after the 2nd date — guess what? He took down his profile by the next day. It was nice to know that some guys mean what they say and don't play games.

  4. So so so true! I love it!
    I like 6; I've witnessed 7 (note: HE is prob the crazy one, lol); 8 is the TRUTH; and 10: nuff' said. lol

  5. I've only just begun reading Cosmo over the past year, and have fallen in love. Sadly, almost every guy I have ever dated falls under category # 7. I have no clue why I even put up with it – I loathe ex talk!

    Just found your blog yesterday via La vie…J'aime, and I am completely in love? Do you want to trade links? 🙂

  6. Truth #4 sort of contradicts Truth #9. If we're "women & not livestock" why do we have to wait for the guy to make the first moves?? I don't agree with that at all but that's just my opinion.

    LOL @ guys who think cat-calling actually works. The other night a group of my friends got whistled & kissy-faced at by some loser walkigg past us. I stopped, turned around & said "PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME AS TO WHEN THAT HAS EVER WORKED FOR YOU." He basically ran away hahaha.

  7. Number 6 is actually not that bad. I do that when I spend the night over my girls' house or if I have to do change unexpectedly (like a casual friday turned into an impromptu presentation).

  8. Haha, these are great! I'm in the same boat with #1 (ugh) and all I can is WORD to #2!

    Yay for winning that giveaway – you scored some sweet loot! (Those gummy worms would make mama VERY happy right about now… 😉 )

    xoxo J

  9. These are hilarious. I especially like the one about the exes. I had that with a platonic friend. All the friend's old co-workers/acquaintances were "someone I worked with for a year, she wasn't that great" and stuff along those lines. I finally said, "When are you going to start talking about me that way?" The answer: After a year!

  10. Congrats on winning that giveaway, Amy! 🙂

    I have experienced truth #8. Should've gotten the eff outta there sooner. Oh well, whatevs. I snagged me a winner eventually. 😉

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