Ask MG Dating Advice: “Why is there such a negative stigma on not wanting kids?”

Written by on Monday, January 17th, 2011 with 3 comments

Hi dolls – MG here answering my fabulush reader’s dating & style questions!

Thank you to Stacy from CA for this week’s Ask MG question <3

Dahlings – have you ever had someone criticize your dating preferences?


3 Comments on “Ask MG Dating Advice: “Why is there such a negative stigma on not wanting kids?””

  1. As you know I got married young and ages ago and never online dated but back then I knew I never wanted to have kids. I had what I call the “full disclosure” talk with my husband-to-be and told him I might never want to have kids and was he okay with that. I think he was on the fence too so we obviously got married.

    No one really gives me any grief but I can see how having to make a definitive statement on your profile can be limiting or off putting potentially for both parties. We went into our relationship know it may or may not have happened and decided definitely No over time. I know that’s not as easy to do when facing checkboxes and evaluations. I guess all I can advise is to be true to yourself and know yourself. Many people may give you grief or question your decision to NOT have kids but how many question why they DO have kids. And trust me, you can’t give those kids back once you have them!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous, MG! And poor Stacy, the online trolls are on dating sites, too. Idiots. No one should be criticized for not wanting kids, and I think more people should reflect long and hard before they commit to extending their family.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I also put on my profile that I don’t want kids. I personally can’t have children and would MAYBE adopt but adoption is such a hard process. My friends said I shouldn’t put such a strong choice on my profile, maybe say I’m “open to it” but anytime I’ve told a guy that I may have kids in the future they misunderstand. I’ve been dating guys who when it gets serious go “Oh you really don’t want kids” so I feel it’s best to be straight up right from the start. It may scare some guys away but that’s okay with me. Good luck Stacy!

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