Yesterday while I was in Hell, *ahem*, I mean Herald Square , a random guy approached me right after I had just finished a dentist appointment to fix a chipped back tooth. (It chipped the other night while I was eating mussels and had bitten on a tiny rock – WTF, clean your mussels properly, resty’sfor shiz!).
Anywho, he comes up to me and asks:

HE: “I know this sounds crazy, but can you give me just 60 seconds of your time?”
ME: “Ahh, for

HE: “I just need some advice about something I’m about to do…”

I have no idea if this dude came up to me just bc he wanted talk to me or if he genuinely needed another person’s perspective. I decided to believe the latter…

ME: “OK, what is it?”
HE: “My best friend is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Today. They’ve been dating for a long time.”

He pauses for a sec and says

“Thing is, I KNOW he shouldn’t marry her.”

ME: “Well, why not?”
HE: “She’s not a good person. She’s a liar
and is mean to him and just an overall terrible person. What should I tell him?”
ME: “Don’t tell him anything.”

I’m almost positive this guy has given his opinion about his friends gf to him in the past (it’s too hard not to), but doing so right before his friend is about to propose? IMO, that’s just not a good idea…

HE: “Even if I know she’s not right for him???”
ME: “Yea, bc it’s his relationship and he has to make the decision on whether or not he wants to be with her.”

HE: “But, I’m his best friend. If I know it’s not the right thing to do, shouldn’t I help him out?”

ME: “I know how you feel. But if he hasn’t realized – after being with her all this time – that she’s not a good person, you telling him that she isn’t probably won’t change his mind. And he just might get mad at you for making his ‘special’ day, not so special for him.”

“Besides, he’s an adult. He has to decide if she is the right one for him.”

I started to walk away after telling him this bc, since I had just come from the dentist, half my face was still numb & immobile. If you could see the look on this guy’s face while I was talking to him with just half my face moving – it was PRICELESS, LOL!

In any case, I could tell he was still confused as I walked away… and I kinda felt bad for him bc it’s a tough thing to see your friend potentially make a huge mistake.

So…would you tell your friend your true feelings regarding their current partner/potential spouse?


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