Character Breakdowns

Current Stat: It’s Offish…GB is My Bf ;-)

Dec 6th 2010 10 Comments

Sooo… This weekend was uber fun, my dahlings. I had a fab date with current guy a.ka. Gone Brogue. GB & I met up w. bestie Jordie to celebrate her Continue Reading »

Double Check Before You Text…

Aug 26th 2010 6 Comments

I knew there was something about HOB that seemed a bit man-whorish. Thursday early eve I get a text from him…that totes wasn’t meant for moi – “Hola Anabella! Puede Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Bye-Bye…BB

Aug 25th 2010 8 Comments

Soo… There’s something I didn’t mention when I wrote about BB a few days ago. Even though the date was AMAZE x 100, I kinda felt like something was weighing Continue Reading »

Character Breakdown: Needy in Nassau

May 17th 2010 8 Comments

source Needy in Nassau is an Investment Consultant who works & lives in Nassau, LI, is in his late 30’s, 6ft tall with light brown hair/blue eyes. We chatted via Continue Reading »

Let’s RECAP: New Year’s Eve…

Jan 3rd 2010 29 Comments

Okay… This weekend was kind of a blur which is why I am posting my eve recap now…whatevz! So, I ended up choosing option #2: Fabulous Soiree hosted in my Continue Reading »

Character Breakdown: Tall & Down

Nov 16th 2009 32 Comments

Interesting… Ok. Tall & Down lives in L.I., has brown hair/blue eyes, tall-as-hell (6’4) and is a professional in the Med Insurance industry. When we were first matched up, I Continue Reading »

Midtown Cutie in the City ;-)

Jun 7th 2009 8 Comments

Random. So, the other day while walking the pup, I was waiting for doggie to do her business, when I hear someone behind me say “cute dog!”. I turn around Continue Reading »