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Current Stat: I Have No Idea…

Jan 31st 2011 2 Comments

Last week I went to see a “psychic”. Not because I wasn’t  happy with what I am doing but because I just wanted confirmation. Because, sometimes…you just need to know, ya know? Continue Reading »

The Best Holiday Gift A Single Midtown Girl Can Get…

Dec 21st 2010 6 Comments

Sooo… Sometimes I wonder why I’m so lucky to have such a fabulush life. But then I think, don’t good people deserve good things (just like all of you dahlings)? Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Flowers for an Emo Day…

Oct 7th 2009 26 Comments

Today is somewhat of a B-LEH day for me and I am sooo not sure why. Why? Hello!? So I bought myself some deli flowers to brighten it up a Continue Reading »

Guess Who Sent Me An Email…

Sep 9th 2009 13 Comments

Sporto-Effing-Fanatico. WTF? My last convo with SF was 5 months ago (via cell) when I decided to stop seeing him b/c he was being a jerkface… He sent me this Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Double-Dose of Nonsense…

Aug 27th 2009 19 Comments

What the effing hell crap is goin on here? So both these fellows asked me for my number after a quick email exchange. Which, as you guys know, is what Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Lease & the City

Aug 13th 2009 29 Comments

Sooo – in November, my 3rd 2-yr lease agreement will expire and I’m still deliberating what to do. I absolutely LOVE my apt and have been in the same Midtown Continue Reading »

On Tonight’s Menu: The Cheeserrific Rambler…

Aug 12th 2009 21 Comments

Ok, in general I would normally not post emails from someone I had been in communications with…but in this case, I just had to – (FYI – I took out Continue Reading »