Guess Who Sent Me An Email…

Written by on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 with 13 comments
Sporto-Effing-Fanatico. WTF?

My last convo with SF was 5 months ago (via cell) when I decided to stop seeing him b/c he was being a jerkface

He sent me this email last night (lol, even though he has my #, whatevz):

“Miss MG,

How are you?

Did you have a good summer? Can’t believe its already labor day weekend. Any plans?

Well, just wanted to see how you were. Hope your mom and Midtown Pups is well too. I still have Midtown Pup’s bone!

For some reason my parent’s dog hasn’t taken to the little pink thing!

Sporto Fanatico

WTF is this all about?


p.s. Looking forward to viewing CiaoChessa’s exhibit @ WFC tonight as well as various events for NYC’s Fashion Night Out. XOXO Lovelies!

13 Comments on “Guess Who Sent Me An Email…”

  1. Why do they always come crawling back?

    Oh, because we're fabulous. Obviously. And he's trying to sweet talk you with mom and puppy talk! MEN.

    Sooo jeaalous you got to hang with Monica and D and everyone!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Obviously SF was probably dating someone who probably dumped him and he now is making contact with every woman that he has met in the last six months in the hopes that one of them will take the bait!!!!!!!

  3. Dude, it sounds like he's fifth grader. Maybe that was a bit harsh. PMS baby. Oh, and is the dog bone the classic leave behind. Since his parent's dog hasn't taken to it, he just must return it to you. Ah ha

  4. Well, I always liked him. I mean, he got you a jersey and stuff. Why not give him another try? Just tell him he better not be a douche this time.

  5. I agree with Otin. I used to have one of those. We would date for a while then he would dump me over the summer and try to get back with me when the summer was over! Do I have stupid tattooed to my forehead? It was obvious that he wanted to be free and single while all the little skanks were out there running around half naked then come and snuggle up to me during the winter months when that was all over. Men!

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