Current Stat: Double-Dose of Nonsense…

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What the effing hell crap is goin on here?

So both these fellows asked me for my number after a quick email exchange. Which, as you guys know, is what I prefer. Fine. I send them my info and below are the responses that I receive (I’m getting irritated even as I type this. I hate when peeps waste my time.)

Guy #1 Ad Exec: Sent this guy an email with my number, telling him I was up for talking over the phone, after he had asked me for offline convo. He sends me an EMAIL reply 3 days later…wtf is this? Wow.

‘Hi MG – I didn’t forget about you! Apologies about not getting back to you. I’ll call you tomorrow evening. I have some free time this weekend, so maybe we can get together. Hope all is well.

Guy #2 Misc. Finance Guy: Sent this guy an email with my number (after he asked for it) and 5 days later, he sends me a TEXT last night –

‘Hey there MG! Had a wedding this weekend and now I’m off to FL. Will definitely give you a call when I get back. Looking forward to meeting you.’

Look. I know it’s the end of summer. And I know people are all over the place before September hits…BUT –

Since when are manners seasonal…did I miss the memo out on this one?

Or do peeps still do the “I’ll just wait a few days before calling, so I don’t look like a loser” M.O.?

Have a lovely weekend dahlings!

p.s.: Phone-O-Phobe just texted me again ‘What’s up MG, how are you?’. Dude, r u slooow?

p.p.s.: Abs Loved ALL of your suggestions:

– Thinking something lilac-ish for the nail bed color of a french mani, wouldn’t that be fun? (but I’ll def check out the new OPI collect);
– Totally forgot about the pistachio color for the pashy’s (have a pink one which I’ll still rock too);
– Looking forward to trying laughing cow & gram’s (maybe w. the cinn tea!) – always see the commercial for it;
-And…I’m just gonna have to get both the beret & the cloche hat (I saw someone wearing a turquoise cloche – I want this now!!!

Otin’s def not a mani-pedi guy but he sure has a poetic skill-set 😉

LOL – Luv you guys tons!! XOXO

19 Comments on “Current Stat: Double-Dose of Nonsense…”

  1. EWWWW…I had the same experience when I was doing the online thing. I think they want to appear busy and cool…but in reality, it makes it seem like they aren't taking it very seriously and are rude douchebags.

    Le sighhh…p.s. Everytime I read your "about"I feel I could have written it word for WORD. Looove you lady.

  2. they're just faking the funk man. i can smell their bullshit from California. You should just reply back " im sorry this is MG assistant she's currently busy right now, her schedule is booked for the next 6 months please await for her contact then"

  3. I think that a lot of these guys are in marriages or relationships and they are looking for a little side action, that is why they have to schedule you in. Just my guess!

  4. When my sister (straight, unlike moi) tried the online dating thing she was appalled at how the men behaved, and lied. A lot of them were married, or jobless, or both. One particular charmer was a stay at home dad trolling for some afternoon delight action. When he showed up for their initial meet up with a double stroller, she got him to spill the beans on his situation and that was the end of that. I think she cancelled her account as soon as she got home.

  5. Beware of people who have to do so much scheduling. But I love the lilac polish idea.

    Sending my best from Seattle!

  6. I can't believe guys do that kind of thing. I would rather a guy call me straight away. It doesn't look desperate, it looks like he's interested and I would rather have somebody whose interested in me than someone whose 'schedule' is more important than giving me a call. Guys are so dumb

  7. Seriously, Phone-Phobia guy sent another message???? He's not that bright. Maybe, you should put him out of his misery and email him to go away.

    Love the other guys. Am wondering, why ask for your # if not ready to use it?

    I also love the fact that both had to tell you how busy and social they are. You should be thankful they fit you in.

    Btw, have you tried the mobile dating service thingy?

  8. How insanely rude. Methinks they both probably chickened out of actually calling, or are trying to appear all aloof and what not. Pffft, whatever, I'm sure they'll be kicking themselves in time. Hope you're having a lovely day 🙂

  9. Clearly these guys are not even ready to go on a physical date, so much have a committed relationship. First impressions count. Unfortunately, this is definitely symptomatic of the douchebaggery that prevails in NY. *hugs* Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Does it really matter why? They could be in relationships, they could be following some set of ridiculous rules/trying to look more important than they are or they could just be asshats. The point is – don't you deserve better? I think you do.

  11. It seems rudeness is put up with more because it's on the internet- you deserve better than that! Men can become complete cowards, and not man-up. You don't need this!

  12. THOSE STUPID CHICKENSHITS!!! oh, that would make me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bah. i have no great advice here, but these dudes are L-A-M-E!!!!!

  13. Heres my take, boys are slow and online dating can be draining. Give them a second chance- or at least the first guy. I like him better. He's keeping you posted at least. Sometimes guys have to work up their courage and be in the right mindset to converse with someone they have never met. You never really know until you meet them!!

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