What the effing hell crap is goin on here?

So both these fellows asked me for my number after a quick email exchange. Which, as you guys know, is what I prefer. Fine. I send them my info and below are the responses that I receive (I’m getting irritated even as I type this. I hate when peeps waste my time.)

Guy #1 Ad Exec: Sent this guy an email with my number, telling him I was up for talking over the phone, after he had asked me for offline convo. He sends me an EMAIL reply 3 days later…wtf is this? Wow.

‘Hi MG – I didn’t forget about you! Apologies about not getting back to you. I’ll call you tomorrow evening. I have some free time this weekend, so maybe we can get together. Hope all is well.

Guy #2 Misc. Finance Guy: Sent this guy an email with my number (after he asked for it) and 5 days later, he sends me a TEXT last night –

‘Hey there MG! Had a wedding this weekend and now I’m off to FL. Will definitely give you a call when I get back. Looking forward to meeting you.’

Look. I know it’s the end of summer. And I know people are all over the place before September hits…BUT –

Since when are manners seasonal…did I miss the memo out on this one?

Or do peeps still do the “I’ll just wait a few days before calling, so I don’t look like a loser” M.O.?

Have a lovely weekend dahlings!

p.s.: Phone-O-Phobe just texted me again ‘What’s up MG, how are you?’. Dude, r u slooow?

p.p.s.: Abs Loved ALL of your suggestions:

– Thinking something lilac-ish for the nail bed color of a french mani, wouldn’t that be fun? (but I’ll def check out the new OPI collect);
– Totally forgot about the pistachio color for the pashy’s (have a pink one which I’ll still rock too);
– Looking forward to trying laughing cow & gram’s (maybe w. the cinn tea!) – always see the commercial for it;
-And…I’m just gonna have to get both the beret & the cloche hat (I saw someone wearing a turquoise cloche – I want this now!!!

Otin’s def not a mani-pedi guy but he sure has a poetic skill-set 😉

LOL – Luv you guys tons!! XOXO