Ok, in general I would normally not post emails from someone I had been in communications with…but in this case, I just had to –

(FYI – I took out the personal info bc I’m not
that evil, hello! And, I refuse to spell-check someone else‘s verbage)

Email from Cheeseriffic Rambler:

“Firstly, I’m glad I didn’t wig you out. LOL Secondly, your right this online dating is a trip but so far so good. Now to answer a few questions. Yes I go back home a lot…I’m actually heading back that way the end of the month. I didn’t move here for professional reason. I played Baseball out of High School in Florida, I screwed up moved back to RI, I screwed up again LOL then it was off to the desert (ahh, that’s sooo not LOL). A BF of mine, was going to undergrad here so I transferred, finished up and have been here off and on ever since.

In that time I’ve fought fires in Alaska, Spit poems at the Nurocean Poets Cafe in NY, built houses in Louisianna, wrote a poetry book, taught english in Mexico, and lived in my truck/camper rock climbing all over the west coast (WTF is all this abt?). But as I get older and think about settling down I constantly think/dream of the East Coast. (Good luck to ya!)

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but you are beautiful, is it hard to find guys in NY? (Nope u don’t sound like a jerk…u sound unemployed!). I mean I looked at that one pic of you smiling and was like, “begin communication, begin communication!!!” LOL (CCC-Cah-Or-Nee)

You have amazing eyes and a sweet smile (thx!). SO what’s up? (what’s up? wtf!) Are you a heart breaker? (Yes he wrote this. MG never fabricates, thx). You have to have guys begging for your phone number…seriously. What’s your story…;) (My story? Welcome to the Midtown Girl Chronicles!). Well I hope you have a great day. Take care.”

Yes, take care C.R. Sheesh.


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