Sooo – in November, my 3rd 2-yr lease agreement will expire and I’m still deliberating what to do. I absolutely LOVE my apt and have been in the same Midtown zip for quite some time now…
BUT, I keep reading about these apt negotiations bw landlords/mgmt & tenants due to the recession. Not sure if we’ll still be in full recession-mode by Nov (Dow closed @ 9,398!), so should I even try to negotiate my renewal to exclude the 4.5-8.5% lease increase?

And speaking of rent – instead of shelling out wasted $$$ to the man, I’m thinking maybe it’s time I own. NYC apt prices are still high, but def not as high as they were in the last 2 yrs, or even in Jan ’09. Mom was willing to help me get one a few yrs back but, in all honestly, I held off thinking ‘If I’m with someone, would I need to sell this and get a new place?’.

I know, it was sooo ridiculous to think of what if’s and hypothetical situations but I couldn’t help it…I just did. (I have since then gotten much wiser, thank god)

Speaking of Apartments – here is some concrete eye candy of a recent apt listing in the NYTimes:

Apt for Sale: Triplex Penthouse Apt. for sale in the Clock Tower Building, Brooklyn
(can be yours for only $25 mil…fun times!)

Anywho, I want to OWN my own digs. And I want to do so BADLY.

Have a wonderful wknd dahlings,

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