Today is somewhat of a B-LEH day for me and I am sooo not sure why. Why? Hello!?

So I bought myself some deli flowers to brighten it up a bit! Remember that SATC epi where SJP was at the corner deli figuring out whether to buy the $10 bunch that will last for 3 days or the $5 bunch that would last for 7 days? Well I bought the $7 bunch that will last for about 4 days.

Pink roses always make me smile…until they die.


no kissies today,

p.s. everyone please say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Otin over at Wizard of Otin!! Hope your day is as amazing as you darling!

p.p.s. please check out Alianna’s SIMC post below – she is a doll and sorry I had to post this Emo crap above your shiz chickie! XOXO