Sunday Night Caps

I Need A Cigarette … Jean!

Aug 30th 2009 23 Comments

Ok, before I get into the denim analysis, let’s do a recap of my uber-exciting weekend. While these lovely chickies had tons-o-fun at a wedding, I spent my weekend attacking Continue Reading »

Sunday Night Cap: Always a brides maid…?

Jul 5th 2009 17 Comments

Last week I was bombarded with texts from EX-EX, whom, through a plethora of colorful verbiage requests, was relentless in his quest for me to accompany him to his youngest Continue Reading »

Sunday Night Cap: In My Dreams…

Jun 28th 2009 9 Comments

I have no idea what’s up lately but the past few nights I have had some seriously wicked dreams (as in nightmarish, not seductive, LOL). So I figured I’d post Continue Reading »

Sunday Night Cap: Accessory Updates for Summer Dates

Jun 21st 2009 3 Comments

Summer is officially here, even though NYC has been dampened (in both asphalt & spirit) with WEEKS & WEEKS of rain. I checked the weather for the rest of June, Continue Reading »

Midtown Cutie in the City ;-)

Jun 7th 2009 8 Comments

Random. So, the other day while walking the pup, I was waiting for doggie to do her business, when I hear someone behind me say “cute dog!”. I turn around Continue Reading »

R.I.P – D.B. was Uber ShayDee…

May 31st 2009 7 Comments

Jerkface. Soo, remember those ‘tentative plans’ for this weekend? Well…neva happened! Mind you, after he didn’t get back to me the Friday after the show, I pretty much left the Continue Reading »

Game Over, Sporto Fanatico.

May 2nd 2009 4 Comments

Looks like SF likes to PLAY games more than WATCH them…sucks big time and why me..AGAIN! Damn, damn, damn! So last Thursday SF & I had plans to meet for Continue Reading »