So, the other day while walking the pup, I was waiting for doggie to do her business, when I hear someone behind me say “cute dog!”. I turn around and there was Midtown Cutie, who just happened to be walking his boxer pup as well. MC starts talking to me about his new puppy and little do you know….we happen to be neighbors! (He lives across the street from me;-).

I usually never pay attention to people when I walk my pup, as there’s unwritten etiquette for NYC dog owners: while walking your dog, let your dog sniff another’s, politely smile & continue your walk. No convo is really exchanged between owners, so I was kind of taken off guard with MC being so friendly & starting a convo with me.

MC & I end up chatting for almost 20 mins, with doggies by our side, about all types of random stuff. He mentions he is originally from NJ…

HE: “I grew up in NJ. I also work there.” (the Jersey def came out with his random f* bombs, but it was more funny than uncomfortable ;->)
ME: “Really, reverse commute, huh? Why did you decide to live in Midtown?
HE: “Well, I figured, why would a single guy like me buy a house in NJ. Just single me & my dog? No way, plus I love the city.”

Me too.

We chat more as he tells me about his summer house, his plans for the weekend and about his last dog that died of cancer (I know, sooo sad). I’m feeling he’s interested so I start getting a little nervous (I’m such a dork)

ME: “Well, I gonna head back to my apt., do you want walk back with me?”
HE: “Sure!”

I don’t think he was really finished walking his pup, he just wanted to walk back with me…cute!

We head back to our area. Let me just say – MC was sooo cute. I mean so cute that even straight guys were staring at him on our walk back! We spent another 15 mins talking before I said “have a great weekend” and head back to my apt.


MC seemed really interested and was throwing signs at me that he was single, so I was curious as to why he didn’t ask me for my number?

Well, while updating a post later that day, I had an online convo with great blogger friend Otin (who gives excellent advice on guys, btw) as to why MC didn’t ask me for my info. O said it would have been too forward for him to do so. Plus, MC wasn’t even sure if I was single or not, since I didn’t mention anything about being so. That makes sense. Right? But – what if I never see him again?

That’s when O suggested, that if I did not see MC again while out on my daily pup walks I should –

“Buy a box of dog treats, give one to your dog so that the box is open, and then take the rest of the box and, if you can leave him a message or know where he lives, give him the rest of the box and tell him that your dog won’t eat them and you didn’t want to throw them out and you knew he had a dog!”

How cute was this idea?! Ok, I have never done anything like this before and I’m not the type to be that forward (I’m actually pretty shy, believe it or not…no seriously) It’s really not my m.o. But after walking the same path a few more times during the week, as I did that day, MC was no where to be seen. Sux!

So, I decided to takes O’s suggestion and go buy some doggie treats at D’ags. (why is everything in this store so damn expensive-ridiculous.) The only info I had of MC was the building he lived in & his first name. So I put the opened bag of treats – minus one – in a small bag with a note saying…

“Hey, this is MG, we met the other day while walking our dogs. Bought some treats for my dog and she doesn’t seem to like them, so I figured instead of throwing it out, why not see if your dog does. If you’re in the neighborhood and don’t feel like walking your dog by yourself, let me know, pups & I will join.”

Signed with my name & number.

LOL. Oh lord.

I was going to drop off the bag on Friday, but got home kind of late. Plus since he would have been leaving for the wknd anyway to his beach house, I figured, why not do this on Sunday, when he was gonna be back anywayz…

So, I head out late afternoon today to take pups for a walk and to make the quick stop at MC’s building. As I walk through the revolving doors, door-guy barks at me “NO DOGS IN THE LOBBY!”

RELAX door-guy, wtf! “I’m just dropping off a bag for someone.” Then a different door-guy comes up to me (what is this, the freakin’ White House?) and I say “I just wanted to leave this for MC, with the boxer pup”. He responds “Oh, MC, ok no problem.” And I leave the anti-dog lobby.


Hmm. Who knows if he’ll call or not, but I will say I’m kinda proud of myself for doing something outside of my comfort zone. Without risk there’s no reward right?


p.s. If he never gets back to me, I’ll have to plan a new path to walk the pups. Shucks. Singledom in the city folks!