In this week’s NY Times Mag, there’s an article about the site, entitled Keeping Up With Being Kept”. I had mentioned this ‘dating’ site as one of many, in a past Crazy but True post here:Crazy but True…Online Dating sites for the ho-licious Gold-Digger!
So get a load of this – in the article, one 40-something sugar pops who is currently ‘seeing’ a 20y.o. student, states :

“It’s very clear with this site that she’s getting something out of this, hopefully emotional support and mentoring advice and fun in bed, but also something financial, so don’t come back to me and say that you were used or that I left you high and dry,” he said. “I like that aspect of it, but on the other hand, it would be nice not to have the money involved, because you always wonder: would she still want to be with me even without the money? Does the money make me more attractive than I really am?”

YES, you stupid douche – in addition to being old, you’re probably ugly/balding/a fatty &…you are married!!

But what strikes me as strange as hell – is that many of these chicks, well the ones interviewed anyway, have serious boyfriends – “…though her boyfriend understood why she was in a relationship with a sugar daddy, (the sugar baby), felt compromised, as if she were leading two lives…”

Who would be able to do this?? I mean at 20 y.o. you should know whats wrong from right, no??? But then again, what is the difference b/w what this chick is doing and those Housewives from -insert city here-. Remember Gretchen from Orange County? And have you seen the new crop of heinous hoes on the latest – Housewives from N.J.?!?!


What do you guys think about this??