Looks like SF likes to PLAY games more than WATCH them…sucks big time and why me..AGAIN! Damn, damn, damn!
So last Thursday SF & I had plans to meet for a drink in the city after work. I had an hour to kill before the time we were supposed to meet so ridiculously enough, I decided to order the ebook version of “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and quickly skim through the chapter “5 Questions All Single Women Should Ask”. The last 2 out of the 5 questions…were exactly what I needed to find out –

1. What do you THINK about me?


2. What do you FEEL about me?

Ok, so I meet SF at a place around my area, since the place he suggested happened to be located near where my Ex-Ex works (I tell him this, bc god knows, the one time I head into the East 50’s I’ll run into XX). We get there, order drinks and talk about misc stuff. I hand him a small container of basketball-foil wrapped chocolates that I had found in a store last week, as a cute gift since he had gotten me a jersey a while back. He responds “that’s so nice of you”. Ah huh.

SF had just came back from a charity Golf torny that he had headed the night before, so we were discussing how it went..

HE: “It was a success. You should have come!”
ME: “I would have..but you didn’t invite me.” stupid
HE: “Would you have come?”BoldME: “Why not?”
HE: “You don’t have clubs right?”
ME: “No.”
HE: “You could have helped get sponsors! You and the dog in a cute outfit.”

uhm, what the hell is this about? the fake ‘After-the-Event-is-Over-Invite’ juuust the beginning of some seriously shiteous turn-offs…wtf
ME: “You know if I wasn’t initiating the texting then we wouldn’t have even been talking.”
HE: “I hate talking over the phone, its like cancer for me.” I hate this response
ME: “Well, you have to put some effort in this, otherwise I’m gonna assume you’re not interested.” which I’m sensing clearly at this point
HE: “I called you the other day.”
ME: “No. You didn’t.”

Not a good pause here….

ME: “So…what do you think about me?”
HE: “Man, I think you’re phenomenal.”
ME: “Ok, then what do you FEEL about me? I’m not talking about love or something , I mean in general.”
HE: “I think you’re phenomenal.”

Uhm, according to book, this is the WRONG answer..excerpt from the book:

What do you feel about me?

“Once you have the answer to the 4th question, immediately ask the last one on Steve’s list. In most cases, how a man feels about you will be very different from what he thinks of you. He might say ‘How do I feel about you? I feel like when I’m not with you, I ain’t going to make it. I feel like you’re the one for me. Which is what you’re all looking for. The “I think you are ____”, is not going to cut it. [HELLO!! That’s the answer SF gave to me. Freakin’ hell crap.]

If, after you asked the question & probed deeper, you realize his feelings for you do not run that deep – that he’s just not there – then you need to not be there, too. Pump the breaks until you start hearing or feeling from him the things you think are important to hear and feel from a man with whom you’re willing to forge a relationship

ME: “Your giving me mixed signals bc you’ll have these awesome text convos with me but then you don’t make plans to meet.”
HE: “I made plans to meet today.”
ME: “Yea bc I asked you when you were free. I’m not going to put forth any more effort into this if I’m not sure where I stand here, its been almost 2 months.”

He’s looking at me and it kinda looks like his eyes are tearing up? But I’m not sure… Then he says..

HE: “You know I was looking at your profile the other day. It says ‘maybe’ to having kids.”
ME: “It does?”
HE: “Yes.”
ME: “Well, I don’t now why bc I def do.” one day..
HE: “How many?”
ME: “I don’t know but I def want to.”

I don’t know why he was bringing this up right now. But, remember the convo him & I had on the last date, when I asked him “what was he looking for” and he responded “Mrs. Fanatico”? Well right before he said that, he said he was very picky bc his parents have been married forever and have a great marriage. So now, I’m thinking he’s one of those super picky, looking for the Mrs. Perfection type..like a Martha Stewart type in Louboutins who can run a corp, bake cookies and be love goddess du jour…stupid ass.

Anyways, SF has a meeting early the next morning (which he had mentioned before we met) and he can’t stay much longer…

HE: “You should come back to CT with me.”

Uhm what? So now I’m like a take-home dinner..WTH – again!

ME: “What are you doing Sat?”
HE: “Depends on the weather. but I don’t have any plans yet.”

-few moments of silence-

HE: “I’m thinking of renting out my house and then renting an apt in the city.”

I have no idea where this is coming from but he sounds like he’s full of shit anyway..shocking.! And – he doesn’t try to make plans with me for his ‘free’ Saturday!! HUH! Huh?

I say nothing about this as he grabs the check. As we turn to leave the place, I can see that he hasn’t taken the container of basketball chocolates I gave him – he totally forgets it at the bar– another fucktastic sign! Awesome.

We walk out and before we part I say…

ME: “I’m not going to call you anymore, so you’re gonna have to figure out what you want to do.”
HE: “I know, you shouldn’t. I’m gonna think about stuff on the train ride home and figure it out.”

What the hell-of-all-hells does this mean?? What a GAME player. Man.

ME: “Oh, and make sure you enjoy the chocolates on your ride.”

He finally realizes he forgot them inside and says:

HE: “Oh man, did you grab them?” jerk
ME: “Have a safe trip home.”

Like in a movie, I immediately turn around and walk away. My eyes are totally swelling up with tears!

Who is this guy? Where did this guy from?? This is NOT the same dude I have been dating for almost 2 months!?! It’s like a totally different guy and…I have NO IDEA WHY.

I finally reach my apt and I am super upset. I’m trying to figure out which gf to call to have an emergency cocktail with. I look at my cell and see a txt from SF ‘I can’t get the box of chocolates open, can you help me?’

Then my doorbell rings –

ME: “Who is it?”
HE: “Me.”

I buzz jerkface in…

HE: “I couldn’t get the container open!”

He comes in and I open the container for him – what is this crap he’s pulling?? – he offers me a chocolate and then a kiss (the Lemonade cocktail I had was screwing with my head).

He clearly wants to stay over. I say:

ME: “You should go. You’re lucky you came back, bc you hurt my feelings.”
HE: “I would never want to do that. I’m not that type of guy.” yea right!

He leaves and I’m left feeling totally confused and still hurt bc I don’t get this b.s. game he’s playing. Or played.

But then, I kinda do.

See, if a guy really likes you and is truly interested in you, he wouldn’t act this way…it wouldn’t be this difficult to figure out. It’s not that I’m an idiot. I just really liked him. A lot.

My feelings are hurt. And this sucks. Big time. ;-<