Ok, I had to edit this post to be more reader-friendly, sorry for the previous eyesore!!! ;->

So Saturday (4/18) comes and I’m totally enthused to see him. The weather was gorgeous, so I decide to take doggie for a extra long walk. While I’m walking doggie, I notice a plethora of dudes wearing pink polos with popped collars. Midtown looked like a preptastic G&L parade – sheesh! I though it would be funny to txt SF my observations of the pink guys. I did so along with a ‘but its ok, bc I love pink!’. He texts back ‘I’m sure they are relieved.’

Yikes – sno-tty! Pshh, movin on.

But then I think, why would he want me to text him about other guys? Ahh, okay. So I text ‘but of course I’d rather see you in a pink shirt!’ Quick save…

Later that eve – he texts me his train arrival and asks if he should meet me at resty. I respond yes. Then when it finally gets into Midtown he texts me ‘Ill come by & pick you up.’ What a sweetie!

This is what I am wearing: one of my fav wrap dresses, Fendi zebra striped, pony-hair peep-toe pumps & coral Chanel soft bag. 1st time that I finally get the chance to wear a dress on a date with SF! I look delish…and as soon as he gets to my apt I can tell he thinks so too – score! And wait – he’s wearing a pink button down shirt, “for me” he says. Aww & awww ;-).

It’s abs gorgeous outside, so I call up to make last minute reservs at an Italian resty on Park ave w. outdoor seating. Everyone is out tonight bc weather like this in NYC is so freakin rare…but luckily, they have an outdoor table avail – score again! We get to resty and order some Summery cocktails & our entrees. I tend to be a pretty talkative person in general but lately I’ve been on a super-caffine kick (ice coffee in warm weather is an addiction, not just a routine) and am a total chatter box. SF is enjoying me chat away while he orders a red to accompany dinner – superb vino choice, dollface.

We end dinner, pretty much closing the place, and decide to hit another one for some – what else – cocktails! (It’s almost season for Midtown Girl’s own diet-margarita cocktail – cannot wait!). We head back to my neighborhood and decide on the lounge at the W. Strangely enough it was pretty empty, (but rather that than be over-crowded) – so grabbed a seat on the comfy couch and ordered up some seriously sexy drinks. SF’s cocktail was kicking in and he says…

HE: “You know, you’re not really that affectionate.”
ME: “What?! Really?”
HE: “No.”
ME: “Omg, I feel so bad you feel that way! We just dont see each other that frequently so im still a bit shy round you.” (corny, but true)
HE: “When we met I went to give you a kiss – and you gave me the cheek!”
ME: “Aww, I’m sorry!”

So of course I gave him one here’->

ME: “You know I deleted your number right?”
HE: “You did?”
ME: “Yup. Twice.”
HE: “What??”
ME: “Yes. Bc I wanted to see if we were on the same page and you didn’t call me back about it and then you didn’t plan anything until last minute for this wknd.” (wow I so break it down to the finest hairs – maybe I just need to get more sleep?)

HE: “Sorry. I tend to plan things a bit last minute, but hopefully you can help me fix that.”

– insert a few seconds of silence here –

HE: “So what are you looking for?”
ME: “I would like to be in a relationship w. someone who is serious about a long-term commitment.”

– insert a few seconds of silence here –

ME: “What are you looking for?”
HE: “I’m looking for Mrs. Fanatico.”

-insert huge cheese-tastic smile here –

Uhm, ok…how AWESOME is that answer? He may not even be talking about moi, but at least we are on the same page now – see! Communication counts, darlings!!! *sigh*

Meanwhile, the bouncer/security/whatever guy comes over to us and says that a wedding party reserved the area for the eve and will be coming in any minute, so he just wanted to give us a heads up about it (which he did so nicely, no worries). Hmm. Now, if I were all about destiny, I would take this whole ‘wedding party’ thingy as a sign. But as y’all know, I analyze & develop, thereby creating my own destiny…bc I believe you can. LOL. Whatevz!!

We hang there a bit longer until we’re ready to leave. Thinking where to go next, it just so happened that the bar/lounge we went to on our 1st date was across the street. We head over and as we get inside we get our ID’s checked. Ok fine, right? Well, I can tell the current crowd’s not made up of the biggest tippers in the world. And when SF orders our drinks, bartendress tries to be cute & asks him for his ID!?!? SF is clearly flattered and I’m like bitch pleeez..how weak was your night – for shiz! ;-p

Anywayz, we stayed at that crapfest for another cocktail and then called it an eve. I seriously had an amazing time with him, again – YAY SF!

Seriously good time… Seriously SF.

P.S. My date outfit pics wouldn’t upload in this post properly, so I’ll just put them in the next one.