Sunday Night Cap: Always a brides maid…?

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Last week I was bombarded with texts from EX-EX, whom, through a plethora of colorful verbiage requests, was relentless in his quest for me to accompany him to his youngest sister’s wedding. Of course, I would not even entertain the idea, but I do kind of understand why he had wanted me to go.
With him currently being single, this would be the first major family event (besides funerals/wakes) that XX would be going to solo, since our break up over three years ago. Cannot believe it’s been that long already – yikes! I didn’t feel bad for him or anything, but what I couldn’t believe was that – I had first met his lil sis back when she was a senior in her HS. And now she’s getting MARRIED? Whoa.

Where did time go? How did the years go by sooo fast – DAMN! In all honesty, I really had no interest in hearing any of the details about her wedding either…I just did not want to know. Plus, why is it my business anyway, hello!

In any case, XX kept texting me with all the details in hopes I would change my mind and come as his guest…whatevz!!

Details include, but not limited to 😉 :

– Over 300 guests; (??)
– 10 bridesmaids; (if I had 10 bm’s I prob wouldn’t have any gf’s left to be guests)
– Mercedes bus to take the wedding party back & forth;
– Celebrity dance DJ and a live band;
– Reception held at a venue that was located on the water.

Did I really need to know this?? Did he really think bc of the above said details I was going to change my mind about accompanying him?

Truthfully though, I was curious to know what her dress looked like (doesn’t every girl?), but I kept my curiosity to myself…

The morning of the wedding XX attempted one last time to invite me (insane!) thereby incessantly reminding me that this day was her big day. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t unhappy for her, I just did NOT want to know ANYTHING about it. Not because I am single, but bc the chick getting married is part of my EX’s fam – this is not info I particularly find exciting…am I alone on this?

Anywho, later that day XX sent me a pic of his sis in her wedding gown. Would love to post the real pic, but that would not be cool. If I were to reference SATC, the bride would most likely resemble Charlotte in this pic:

Secretly, I was hoping she would look more like this:

I kid! (maybe, lol) But it made me wonder how some people get married soo young and others, much later in life. Sounds like a jejune thought, but remember that line from SATC where Charlotte says “I’ve been dating since I was 15! Where is he??”. LOL – one of my favs!

No seriously, where is he? 😉

Happy Monday dahlings!

p.s. – I dedicate this post to ParkAvenuePrincess, the bloggy world’s Charlotte York Goldenblatt 😉
p.s.s. Did you know that Kristin Davis is actually a recovering alcoholic – Cah-ray-zee!

17 Comments on “Sunday Night Cap: Always a brides maid…?”

  1. girl…i know you're not making fun of my wedding dress (non charlotte one) OH NO U DIIIDNT…lol

    i'm with you man…i wouldnt want to hear shit about an ex's family. Not to be a bitch but really who cares. they arent apart of your life anymore..doesnt mean your bitter or you dont wish them well … but not your biz. and good thing you didnt go… cuz if you did you know the fam would be like " oh are guys back…together…" blah blah blah…just avoid the bullshit

    man i just checked out park avenue princess….she sounds like me…a new yorker living in CA…waiting to come back to manhattan…le sigh.

    Oh and i should have posted those shoes for my Happy 4th…instead of the fireworks…hahaha xoxooxox

  2. Oh hell no…you did the right thing by staying away from that drama!

    that second picture is HILARIOUS. I die.

    Kisses darrrrrling! XO

  3. Some people are more careful than others when getting married. What is the point of getting married at 22, if you are going to get divorced by the time that you are 30?

  4. Good for you for holding strong. I'd have been pretty ticked if I was in your situation. Guys are so selfish and clueless sometimes!! Don't worry Mr. Right is out there =)

  5. I for one am glad that you didn't cave and accompany XX to the wedding. Some men are masters at playing the pity card. Women tend to play the helpless card (changing a tire is HARD).
    Anyway, as for; where is he? Men are everywhere, like air and germs. One minute you're washing your hands thinking that you're being all hygenic and shit and the next thing you know you've picked up an antibiotic resistant staph infection. That's when you know you've found The One 🙂

  6. BAAHAH!!! i am so glad you didn't go! crimony! 3 years later — he needs to get a new gf and leave you alone!

    and i wish she had looked like that ho. bahah! sorry — i am horrible like that! 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with Renee that somewhere, Mr. Right is out there for you.I am sure it is just a matter of time.

  8. Sounds like a potential episode from Platinum Weddings. LOL. 300 guests? Listen lady, from what I know about you, you are a terrific person with a wonderful sense of humor, and your Mr. Right will come at just the right time. You just have to be ready to receive love; and it always happens when you least expect it. OMG when did I become my mother? 😀

  9. aw, so sweet of you!! And that second picture is so funny :)And mr. right will be there for you soon! I promise 🙂 I have yet to find him too 🙁

  10. WOW- He sounds desperate. Probably is also coming to terms with the idea that MAYBE he let the best get away maybe?! SUCKS to be him!!
    -and I HATE hearing about wedding for people younger than me. I ran into a girl I went to high school with at the store the other day and she had FIVE kids!! WHAT. THE. HELL?!!

  11. SO glad you stayed away!! Seriously, XX passing on all of those details about the wedding smacks of some weird desperation. I suppose the right love is one of those things that comes when it comes. And even though you now have nothing to do with his family, I am glad that she had a nice wedding dress. I think everyone deserves to look good on their wedding day 🙂

  12. I'm so glad you stayed strong! That would have been tough for me.

    And OMG that 2nd picture…is that a joke?? LOL

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