Ok, before I get into the denim analysis, let’s do a recap of my uber-exciting weekend.

While these lovely chickies had tons-o-fun at a wedding, I spent my weekend attacking my closet. I finally decided to take the plunge, before buying Nina’s “The Style Strategy” book b/c, it was abs necessary – I couldn’t find anything to wear when I wanted to and I know I have a lot of stuff..ridiculous or what?

So, I made 5 piles:

1. Items I am keeping;
2. Items I am giving to Dress for Success (if you guys have any lightly worn/gently used suits, skirts, trousers, etc. that you do not use/want – please look into giving to this org 🙂;
3. Items I am trashing;
4. Items I am giving to my mom: cash sweaters, dresses &
5. Items that no one over the age of 25 should be wearing:

  • frayed denim super-mini skirts;
  • army jackets (I’m talking about ones that look like what the real army peeps wear);
  • t’s with logos that have the yr 1985 or above, displayed on the front – when the eff did I get this shiz?)
I will give these gems to my superintendent’s 17 yo daughter – chickie, if you’re reading this – Merry Xmas & pick it up!!

Ok, so I have attacked my bedroom closets and will prob leave my hallway closets for next weekend (fun times right!) but what I realized after clearing out my denim stash was… I do not have a pair of cigarette jeans! And I need a cigarette jean…BAD!!

(someone break down the difference b/w a cigarette jean & a pencil jean for me pah-lease…)

Anywho, my fav brand of jeans are J Brand. Their lightweight Love Story Jeans are my abs fav and my staple go to jeans bc:

  • the fit is perfect on me;
  • the jeans have “T400™ technology, which allows for maximum recovery — so jeans don’t stretch out when you’re wearing them”;
  • they make me look & feel skinny SCORE!

Here are some ciggy jeans I have found that look both, comfy & sexy:


Anyone have a fav pair of Ciggy Jeans or suggestions?

Monday kissies,

p.s.: does anyone have the J. Crew Matchstick Jean? Do you adore them? Matchsticks & Cigarettes…Sheesh~
p.p.s: I found 3 different MadMen-ish skirts hidden in the back of my closet – never worn! How awesome it this?!?! Strike that off my fall shopping list 😉