I Need A Cigarette … Jean!

Written by on Sunday, August 30th, 2009 with 22 comments
Ok, before I get into the denim analysis, let’s do a recap of my uber-exciting weekend.

While these lovely chickies had tons-o-fun at a wedding, I spent my weekend attacking my closet. I finally decided to take the plunge, before buying Nina’s “The Style Strategy” book b/c, it was abs necessary – I couldn’t find anything to wear when I wanted to and I know I have a lot of stuff..ridiculous or what?

So, I made 5 piles:

1. Items I am keeping;
2. Items I am giving to Dress for Success (if you guys have any lightly worn/gently used suits, skirts, trousers, etc. that you do not use/want – please look into giving to this org ๐Ÿ™‚;
3. Items I am trashing;
4. Items I am giving to my mom: cash sweaters, dresses &
5. Items that no one over the age of 25 should be wearing:

  • frayed denim super-mini skirts;
  • army jackets (I’m talking about ones that look like what the real army peeps wear);
  • t’s with logos that have the yr 1985 or above, displayed on the front – when the eff did I get this shiz?)
I will give these gems to my superintendent’s 17 yo daughter – chickie, if you’re reading this – Merry Xmas & pick it up!!

Ok, so I have attacked my bedroom closets and will prob leave my hallway closets for next weekend (fun times right!) but what I realized after clearing out my denim stash was… I do not have a pair of cigarette jeans! And I need a cigarette jean…BAD!!

(someone break down the difference b/w a cigarette jean & a pencil jean for me pah-lease…)

Anywho, my fav brand of jeans are J Brand. Their lightweight Love Story Jeans are my abs fav and my staple go to jeans bc:

  • the fit is perfect on me;
  • the jeans have “T400™ technology, which allows for maximum recovery โ€” so jeans donโ€™t stretch out when youโ€™re wearing them”;
  • they make me look & feel skinny SCORE!

Here are some ciggy jeans I have found that look both, comfy & sexy:


Anyone have a fav pair of Ciggy Jeans or suggestions?

Monday kissies,

p.s.: does anyone have the J. Crew Matchstick Jean? Do you adore them? Matchsticks & Cigarettes…Sheesh~
p.p.s: I found 3 different MadMen-ish skirts hidden in the back of my closet – never worn! How awesome it this?!?! Strike that off my fall shopping list ๐Ÿ˜‰

22 Comments on “I Need A Cigarette … Jean!”

  1. This is my absolute favorite part of cleaning the closet: discovering unsung gems! My favorite skinny jeans are actually from Uniqlo. Cheap and chic!

  2. I love going shopping in my own closet! I also absolutely love how you are donating to a great cause. Someone else will benefit!

  3. I love the feeling of going through my closet and seeing what I have and getting rid of what I don't need! Those jeans are super sexy!

  4. WTF bitch – are we on the same schedule. thats exactly what i did this weekend. lol. i was amazed how much stuff i managed to stuff into a closet after everything was out i was like " how the F did that all fit…. OH and it was awesome finding stuff i loved back then and completely forgot about.

    the only thing i realized was i dont need anymore clothes (this wont stop me though LOL)

    ok and then……i like the Burberry jeans. yay

  5. HA dude I was just gonna say between you and Kel you are inspiring me to clean out my closet!! I think I'll do that this weekend! I need some ciggy jeans! I love J Brand too woop woop!

    love you lady! we wished you were with us!

  6. You know, when it comes to fashion I have no idea what you are talking about, but as long as you are talking about mini skirts, and showing pictures of models in tight jeans, you have my undivided attention!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  7. it's so funny, i went through my closet just yesterday! i found a bunch of things i'd forgotten i had, which is absolutely amazing! i now feel like i have more clothes, even though i have less!

  8. Favorite jeans? Beat up Levis I pick up at Goodwill when I'm dropping off stuff after cleaning out my closet ๐Ÿ˜‰ The more beat up and ill-fitting the better!

  9. In my opinion, the JCrew Matchsticks are FANTASTIC! I usually don't like JCrew jeans because they give me pancake ass, but these are actually very flattering!

    Doesn't it feel great to have tackled your closet?

  10. I am right there with ya, I've been combing my fave websites for the perfect pair but I think I'm just going to pick one already! I love t
    what you've shown here!

  11. haha!!!

    i was planning on really getting into my closet this weekend too….I'm a mess!

    I love those jeans, you NEED them:)

    and I NEEd your castaways lol

  12. I definitely need to clean out my closet. There are so many clothes I could donate that I don't wear anymore. Plus then I'll have room for more new stuff.

  13. I just bought a pair of skinny jeans and some pink converse-They make me feel fresh and new…I dunno why ๐Ÿ™‚
    AND–You need to go look at my latest post! I know u already sport one of these, but I HAD to choose you cuz ur fabulousness is undeniable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. J Brand is hands-down my favorite jean brand. I love the lack of bling and thigh ride-up. They're perfect for any kind of skinny jean, cigarette or pencil ๐Ÿ™‚

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