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Dating Girl: The “Lazy Texter”

Feb 18th 2015 0 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW; photo It’s the story as old as time…or when texting was invented (which was 1992 apparently). Boy texts girl. Girl texts boy. Boy stops texting girl. I mentioned a few Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: Would You Let Someone Watch You Date

Aug 19th 2014 0 Comments

  by @KimberleeVDW It seems like the summer is the time for dating reality shows to pop up with VH1’s “Dating Naked” and Bravo’s latest, “The Singles Project.” Bravo says it’s Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

Jul 9th 2014 2 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW I’ve shared my reviews of dating apps before for Dating Girl, most being negative experiences. But with more and more people owning smartphones, that seems to be the new Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: 5 Ways Looking For A Job is Like Dating

Jul 1st 2014 0 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW Sorry for my absence. I am finishing grad school and currently looking for a full-time job. Anyone in the job hunt knows that looking for a job is a Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: 5 Apps to Use On Your Next Date

Jun 10th 2014 0 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW  In this modern world, we’re all very tech savvy and our dating lives are no different. Online dating used to be a dirty little secret you keep but now Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: “It’s Not Us, It’s You”

May 28th 2014 0 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW This week’s post is going to be a little different. I hope you don’t mind. But after sharing some of my break up stories in past posts, some men Continue Reading »

Dating Girl: Breaking Up In The Modern World

May 21st 2014 0 Comments

by @KimberleeVDW I love social media. I’ve made many great friends through blogging and Twitter. I know technology has improved our lives. I grew up with computers in the classroom and Continue Reading »

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