by @KimberleeVDW

I love social media. I’ve made many great friends through blogging and Twitter. I know technology has improved our lives. I grew up with computers in the classroom and can’t imagine life without the Internet. However, one downside that has reared it’s ugly head as I’ve grown up with technology is…

My dating life.

Something I’ve had several discussions with friends about is “can we truly break up with all this technology?”. I never realized how much we are all actually connected until I was trying to cut someone out of my life. A few posts ago I talked about my ex still texting me. Unfortunately, you can’t make someone delete your number so all you can do is ignore until you get a new number.

And now there’s social media.

Ex’s can find you whenever they want. And if you’re not careful with privacy settings, can pretty much see your whole life story without you ever accepting their friend request. It makes it pretty hard to move on. You have to be stubborn and strong willed until they grow tired and bored.

I’ve had guys find me years later.

I forget why I was mad at them then start talking to them again only to quickly realize “Oh wait… that’s why” and then have to start the whole process over again.

In the good ol’ days you’d only have to worry that you might bump into them in person. However, much like internet trolls, your ex’s can follow you behind a screen. I’m still having trouble getting rid of them which worries me when I do start a new relationship. Is that guy going to start obsessively calling my phone at 5am when my boyfriend is here? Am I going to look crazy because my ex’s are still harassing me? It is all terribly exhausting. I’m still figuring out how to navigate it all.

What has been your experience breaking up in the modern world? Do you think you can ever truly break up with someone?


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