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In this modern world, we’re all very tech savvy and our dating lives are no different. Online dating used to be a dirty little secret you keep but now everyone you know is on at least one site. Your co-worker is using their Match.com app to plan cocktails for that evening. It’s the norm. There are plenty of apps centered around dating.

Here are some that I think are perfectly acceptable to use for your next date:

  1. FourSquare. You can discover restaurants/places to see if you’re looking for another activity, see recommendations and even get deals. (I’m cool with scoring a free appetizer). I used to think checking in was a little corny but it actually helped save me from a terrible date. Texted a friend it was going bad, she saw where I checked in and just “happen to be in the neighborhood.”
  2. OpenTable. If he’s smart and a planner then you’ll make reservations through OpenTable. You can also see how long the wait is at a restaurant so you can plan your evening accordingly.
  3. Poynt. If you want a more defined entertainment search (than FourSquare) then try Poynt. It shows you cool events happening in your area so hopefully you can avoid any awkward “what shall we do now?” moments. (Full disclosure: never tried this app but it has received good reviews).
  4. Uber. If it’s raining or all the cabs are full, he should definitely pick up an Uber ride for any long distance traveling.
  5. HotelTonight. And if things go well… look up last minute hotel reservations.
What apps would you use on a date?
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