I had been exchanging emails with a match for a few weeks when, for no specific reason, our communication had stopped. It’s not the first time this has happened, so I didn’t pay any mind to it. Then one eve a few wks ago, when my gf’s and & I went to a local place to catch up on each other’s lives, I ended up bumping into ‘in-between’ guy (Manhattan is a very small world). IBG is around 29 or 30 (?), 5’11, light brown hair/eyes, does some type of IT work (shush) at some firm in Midtown & lives in Williamsburg with 2 other roomies (both of whom are female…yup!). He says he’s trying to move back into the city, but don’t they all?

IBG is actually a very sweet, laid-back fellow, great sense of humor, fashion-forward, works out regularly, a great listener and is always up for doing something fun. Sounds perfect right? Hmm, not so much…and I can’t really pinpoint why. There’s definitely a mutual attraction, but just not that spark I’ve been looking for (and have still yet to find -insert sad face here-). Hence the IMG term. He’s the guy you meet after you find out the last one isn’ t the ‘one’ and have yet to find the next one who could be. Sheesh.

Anyway, we ended up talking for hours and had a really great time. I felt super comfortable around him (which doesn’t happen very often) and had no hesitation when he suggested we meet up again for a real ‘date’: dinner and a movie.

A week goes by, and between fam & work, my sched is all over the place. I get a text during the week from IMG ‘how about that dinner & movie, what is your schedule?’. I text back ‘Tuesday works, but I’m not sure what time I’m finished’. He texts ‘ok, let me know’. Of which, I never did…and I don’t know why.

After that Tuesday he texts ‘you owe me a movie, let me know when’. I text ‘will do!’. I hate getting the ‘will do’ text, so I’m not sure why I even responded with that but, whatever. Over the course of 2 weeks, he texts me here and there asking me how my mom’s doing and when I will have some free time to meet. Half of the texts I get, I do not even respond to. And I don’t know why.

I’m usually not like this! It’s not that I don’t find him interesting or that I’m not really interested, I just don’t feel like it. Can someone help me out here???

Finally, we text each other on New Year’s and talk about making plans after he returns to NYC from his NYE getaway. He gets back tomorrow and what is really strange is, now since he’s not texting me as much, I kinda want to see him for that dinner & a movie…