So here is how the last week panned out with CB before we called it quits a week ago.

It’s Friday night and CB calls me late in the afternoon:

HE: “Hey, so listen. I have to go to a dinner with clients tonight, but that’s at 8pm, so I should be done by 10ish ok?”
ME: “Yea, why don’t you text me when you’re close to being finished.”
HE: “Perfect.”

So, I’m looking forward to meeting CB later that eve for…what else – drinks! Hmm, drinks again you say? Yup, drinks. It’s been 6 weeks in and CB & I have still yet to take it to the gastric level in whatever it is you would call it between us. It’s fine, I’m not gonna harp on it at this point.

I’m now in my apt, waiting for CB’s text – it’s 10:20pm. WTH. So I finally text jerkface

ME: ‘Hey, I had a bad day and really feel like staying in this eve.’ I kinda didn’t but, the hell it’s 10:30 now, am I supposed to meet him at midnight?
HE: ‘What? What happened to tonight?’
ME: ‘I’m just not in a very good mood. Lets make plans for Sunday ok.’
HE: ‘Aww, I’m sorry. I really wanted to see you though?’

Oh really??? Hard to tell FF!

ME: ‘Yea well, its kinda late now anyway.’
HE: ‘I should be done soon.’
ME: ‘Well, what time?’

……no answer from CB. I text again.

ME: ‘Uhm, what time do you think you will be done?’

….still no answer. So I call to find out. Cell rings twice and he puts it straight to VMdouche! I text one more time –

ME: ‘That’s rude, you don’t even pick up my call? Whatever – goodnight.’

I’m now super agitated and just want to go to sleep at this point. I head for the bed and finally fall asleep to forget my ruined evening. It’s now 1:45am and I get a call – it’s CB. WTF is this jf calling me at 1:45am for after ignoring my call/texts earlier?? I hit ignore. He then calls me another 5 times! All of which I ignore. He calls one more time and I finally pick up.

ME: “WHAT?” yes that annoyed, lol.
HE: “I’m coming over.”
ME: “No you are not.”
HE: “Yes. I’m in a cab and on my way. I think I’m losing my voice.” the hell do I care?
ME: “No you are not. I’m going back to sleep.”

The NERVE! What am I a freakin 24hr diner? This guy’s ego is outrageous. Pffft. He then calls me again and hit it straight to vm. In his message he says (sounding quite intoxicated) “I just got home and heading to bed. My throat is killing me and I think I’m losing my voice. I’ll call you tom.” Why would he think I would care?

It’s now Saturday afternoon and CB calls me..twice. Both times I hit ignore. He texts ‘come on’. I text back ‘I’m just doing to you what you did to me last night’. He texts ‘stop being mean’. So in an effort act like an adult, I call him and tell him how rude it was that he didn’t text me to meet or at least say he was running late. He didn’t follow up and that’s what pissed me off. He says “I was with clients and I wasn’t going to make a personal call in the middle of dinner!” Excuse me, what client dinner lasts till 2am on a Friday night?? Puh-lease. I tell him we’ll figure out something for Sunday (I have no intentions of meeting, I just want to get off the phone). He texts after we hang up ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong..blah blah.’

Dude – I’m really sick of the “I’m sorries”. UGH.

Sunday rolls around and I’m doing my own thing, various errands and such when CB calls me –

HE: “Hey, my voice is shot.” whooooo caaarrreess!!
ME: “Oh, I hope you feel better.”
HE: “So what’s the plan?”
ME: “Actually, I’m not feeling so well myself, so I’m gonna stay in tonight.” obviously
HE: “What? But I’m bored.” Oh poor thing – he’s bored!
ME: “Why don’t you go out with your friends for drinks or dinner or something, I don’t know.” you know since you & I still haven’t gone out to dinner, cheap bastard.
HE: “I def don’t feel like drinking (shocking) and I had a HUGE lunch this afternoon. So I don’t need to eat.” – honestly, have you ever met someone so self-centered, EVER?
ME: “Oh, well I don’t know what to tell you.”
HE: “Well, I was supposed to hang out with you, but you’re being fucking lame.”

Excuuuuuse moi?? Did he really just say that.

ME: “Well if me not feeling well translated into being ‘fucking lame’, then I’m sorry.”
HE: “Ugh, whatever, I hope you feel better. Let’s make plans for this week then ok.”

Uhm yea, OK! It’s sooo awesome when you are seeing a guy and he talks to you like a frat buddy? WTH curses at a girl when she says she’s not feeling well. Freaking douchbag.