Ok, so last Sunday was my 2nd date with Sporto Fanatico (SF). Initially we were supposed to meet on that Friday, but my sched was a little hectic so we decided to see if Saturday would work. Sat came, and SF suggested I get a ‘CT Passport’ (his pseudonym for Metro North Ticket) and I that come up to CT for the day. He even said I could bring my dog (he has a house with a yard), but when I thought it over, it’s waaay too soon to travel up there – I mean I would have normally, but we’ve only been speaking for 2 weeks – HELLO!
So we decide Sun eve would be good for dinner. He asks me if there is a place I prefer. My gf used to have a foodie blog (Eva update – dammit!) and one of her posts was on Peasant, a rustic Italian joint on Elizabeth St. near Spring. I suggested trying it out and SF agreed. Easy as pie! or apple tarte tatin, in this case 😉

So while SF is on his way down via Metro, I decide to take my darlin’ pooch for a walk. I had an idea of what time SF would be in Midtown, so I thought – how cute would it be that just as SF arrives at my apt, I would be turning the corner walking my cutie pie in my skinny jeans & heels?’ (still too cold for dresses ;-/) Right? Straight from a movie script, right? Uhmm, almost.

I’m timing my walk according to what time SF texted he will be here and just as I’m ready to walk back, SF texts ‘trains running 10 mins late’. Ah, okaaay – but I timed my walked SF! And now it’s getting chilly at 6:30pm Sun eve…and I’m not wearing a real jacket, just a light cashmere sweatery-blazer thingy that looks way warmer than it is…Fine.

So I continue walking doggie, who was loving the extra time outside, when I get a text, ‘Ok, I’m here, where are you right now?’ Whaaaat? You said you were going to be late and so I spent extra time walking doggie – the heck! So I text him ‘On my way back.’ So now I’m speed walking back to my apt with the wind flipping my hair around and actually starting to break a sweat, since I was a few blocks away and didn’t want to make SF wait too long after making the trek down here. So 2 secs before turning the corner I check in the store window – ok, still look cute! I turn and see SF standing in front of my building, looking extra tall for some reason, with his laptop briefcase.

“Hi, SF!” We greet each other warmly and make a quick run into my apt so I can drop off doggie and he can drop his stuff before we head out. SF hails a cab and we are on our way downtown. I can glance over to his ensemble: brown corduroy blazer, stripe button down & jeans…cute & preppy! “Nice blazer.” I say (thank goodness I didn’t wear my brown blazer-yikes). “Thank you”, SF replies…and uhm – no response to my fabu-luscious outfit – whatevz SF! Sheesh, sometimes these guys…

We get to Peasant and it looks packed. Unfort I did not make reservations and SF didn’t either since we only confirmed dinner time a few hours earlier. Hostess tells us there’s a 40 min wait – where’ s this recession I’ve been hearing about huh??? SF & I are fine with this and we get a small table in the front, order drinks and chat away. We talk about our fam, his just born niece and the 40 mins fly by when hostess tells us our table is ready. We get a table near the rustic, gorgeous, Italian-esque, gourmet kitchen and order our entrees along with a perfectly crisp & dry Italian white.

Entrees come out and are served in very hot, clay dishes and are absolutely delish – I had the Octopus & Skate (1st time, had no idea what it was) and SF had some seafood app & the veal chop (his entree was tastier than mine – and he’s def a meat & potatoes fella ;-). He def likes the resty but he had mentioned that for the original Friday dinner plans, he wanted to try Babbo. I would have been totally down for that (I still don’t know why I haven’t been there yet, what’s up?!). So maybe for next time SF?? LOL.

We chat about his house and I mention that I would come up one day but what about my doggie? He says “I have an electric fence, so it’s fine.” ELECTRIC FENCE??? Like in the SATC episode??? So it really is like that out there in CT suburbia – yikes! I respond “Are you crazy, an electric fence would kill my dog!” (She’s 6 pds, fufu in looks, but animated in behaviour and my baby). SF says “Well your dog is not a real dog.” WHAT? Ok, STRIKE UNO SF. I live in a 1 bedroom in Midtown – am I supposed to have a freakin’ Mastiff, Chow-Chow or Dogo Argentinio, Sporto Fanatico??? I think not, dollface.

Ok, I’ve simmered down and now it’s time for dessert. Both of us order the dessert described in Italian, had no idea what it was going to be – but hey, spontaneity works, right? His turns out to be this small, lovely looking tart, while mine looks like a medium-sized apple pie, about the size of my head – of course. I try to be romantic and give SF the first bite of my dessert. He, in turn does not do the same to me…hello SF!! I end up tasting his on my own – and of course his dessert tastes better than mine – this never happens to me – what’s my deal?? He responds to my thought “I’m 2 for 2”. Why, how sporty of you to say SF ;->

Dinner ends and since it is Sunday and getting somewhat late in the eve, I suggest going back up to my area for a cocktail before he gets his stuff and heads back to CT. While in the cab, I mention “I like your style, its conservative kind of like LL.Bean-ish.” He responds “What? My dad wears LL. Bean, not me.” Lol, whoops, sorry!

We get back to my place, grab his stuff and head over to the Irish pubby. It’s pretty empty but guess what – a sports game is playing! So SF is in his comfort zone. I have no interest in it, but we end up having more good convo (including a few compliments from SF, lol) and before he heads back up to CT we exchange a kiss – sweet more than sexy – and he’s off.

SF was going to be away all week for business and some sports-oriented (shocking) events. Through out the week he had been texting me various greetings, especially during the basketball games, including:

“Are you fired up yet.” about 4-5x
“I still need to get you gear.” ok, then get it.
“Are you watching, no? You’re killing me!” sorry.
“I’m about to blow up!!” not shocked!

Ok, so I finally had to text regarding all the sport-themed shout-outs:

ME: ‘I’m not watching the game right now, it’s not really my thing. But I do appreciate your love for the game, so I’m glad you are enjoying it!’
HE: ‘Well, I appreciate you. But you’re killing me, kid!’

I had to laugh. I never met someone so sports-enthused (except for JustJen, lol). And I was trying to figure out, is SF capable of showing a softer, more romantic side…hmm.

Now it’s late this Sat eve, I’m home working on stuff and go online to get my daily news updates & twit fix. SF was texting me earlier to give me a heads up on that eve’s game – of course – and as I get on nytimes.com, I see on the front page his team, Nova, wins and it’s the first time since ’85 that they have been in the top 4. (I sound like I know what I’m talkin about right? I know how to spruce things up! HA!). So text him, ‘ Congrats to Nova!’.

No response. Huh? I thought he would be excited that I actually knew they won?

Okay, maybe he fell asleep or something? It was 1am. But the other night he texted me later than that so wth

Sunday is here and I check my cell. No texts from SF. Hmm, very weird and so not like this guy. I text him in the early eve ‘How is your trip so far?’

No response. Okay, whatever I am not in the mood for games plus I was kinda getting sick of the sports crap. Fine SF – don’t answer.

I get online, check my email and it says I got an email from the dating site he & I met through. WTH. Tell me he sent me an email that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore? Uhm dude, how immature is that?? You couldn’t say it over the phone – or at least a text. SO LAME right? So that’s why he never responded to my texts huh!

I’m in no rush to check the email he sent to me, so I decide to give myself a facial (it’s Biore night – ahh, clean pores rule!), watch the Food Channel (my fav) and I move past the nonsense. A few hours go by and I decide to check the site since it I might as well see what crap he has to say:

‘Hey – I lost my phone while watching the game at a bar last night and do not have your email!! I just wanted to let you know just in case you were texting me and I wasn’t respsonding to them. Send an email to my work email ok.’

Ah, uhm yea. Ok – just shush all of you! How was I supposed to know this was the case??? Lol. I mean I wasn’t heartbroken at the thought that he may not want to speak to me anymore, but imagine if he sent me an email about that?? Thank goodness that was not the case, who could be that much of a douche?

So I send him an email and he responds back asap about his flight canceling, getting on the plane soon, etc. and we decide to chat more when he gets back to CT…

Seriously, aren’t Sundays supposed to be relaxing?? ;-}