So the other night I get home from a long day and while winding down, I do some channel surfing. I flip thru and hear, “Guys like long hair better than short.”

Ok, back the f* up.

I turn back and see that the Tyra Banks Show has on author Andrew Trees, promoting his book “Decoding Love: Why it takes 12 Frogs to Find a Prince and Other Revelations from the Science of Attraction.

Huh! Why 12 Drew?

Seeing as I didn’t feel like dishing out more funds for dating blah-blah books (I already got that e-book about “Thinking Like a Guy”, remember?), I searched for some info online regarding this latest guide on the ‘scientific’ search for love, whatevz –

From an interview w. the Author from…I know – Sundance, wtf?:

“Seeing as it’s in the title of your book, can you explain the mathematical theory that you’ve got to date 12 people before you find Mr/Ms Right?

It comes from game theory, specifically something called the Dowry Game. Basically, the idea is that you date twelve people and then choose the next person who is better than those first twelve. Statistically, this gives you roughly a 97% chance of ending up with someone in the top 10% of the dating pool. I think this is a liberating finding because it means that you don’t have to date hundreds of people in an endless search for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Ah, yea…fascinating stats Drew, but how can you figure that the guys after the 12th will workout until you date them, since you really don’t know what they are like personality/character-wise? Sure, we know what we want on paper…but in real life it’s a little more complicated because the characteristics that usually determine what works and what doesn’t isn’t really statistical…its based on compatibility. Maybe compatibility can be mathematically determined?? Math is soo romantic btw…

Anywho, I still thought, hey maybe this is could be good read. At least for entertainment purposes, right? Wrong.

I found another article from interviewing Drew-boy…

“Mr. Trees (author) extended his sympathy. “New York City women have it the hardest,” he said. “The decks are stacked against them. The demographics are bad, and men don’t want to be with women who are more ambitious than they are.”

You suck Drew. Big-time!

No $$ from me, Mr. Trees!! LOL ;->