Dating Dilemma: Single Chick in NYC vs. the City of Angels…

Written by on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 with 7 comments
If you were on twitter last night and happen to follow Ryan Seacrest (shush it), you might have caught his Tweet on “Best cities to be a Single Man or Single Woman”. His “blog” captured a map from the US Census, based on singles aged 20-64 that breaks down the best cities for singles, broken down by gender

NYC & N.NJ: 210,000 more single women than men.
LA: 90,000 more single men than women.

Last time I’ve been to L.A., I was 11 yrs old, so I have no idea what the current single scene is like there. I’m hoping to see L.A. living-gf Eva this Fall, so I guess I”ll be able to check it out then if these stats hold true…

West Coast chicks – feel free to share your thoughts please!

p.s. if I still have this blog at age 64, that’s gross & I expect ya’ll to stop reading…or maybe Ill just rename it ‘’. Sexxxy:-/


7 Comments on “Dating Dilemma: Single Chick in NYC vs. the City of Angels…”

  1. I hope that I am not reading this in 30 years LMAO! They may not even have internet at the nursing home that I will be in!

  2. I don't know what he is talking about! LA is an awful place to be single. And Long Beach and Santa Ana are pretty far away from actual city of Los Angeles!

  3. i love my NY man – hands down. LA – i think i would like to exercise my 5th amendment.

    and i agree with kate LB and SA are about 30 – 40 mins from LA.

    could you imagine if your kids read this! OMG , i die.

    im going to sound like a complete jerk – but isnt it sad that we're judge by what we wear…by those who work only in retail?

    i can totally picture you strutting…your thang down 5th & Mad and i know for sure those SA's were all up on you like bees to honey…

    good thing you called your SA in HI- i think thats why i stick with what i know and who i know….

  4. Oh speaking of Gucci – i told my BFF and shes making some calls to her friends at H Corp.

    she just texted me this morning – im gonna go with you with like 50 Gucci bags and 1/2 the staff if you want to pull the pretty woman thing. love my friends

  5. FIRST of all-I'm getting that on tape (the above you and Kelly Pretty Woman thing omg I die)

    LA girl at your service-LA is the WORST city to be single in. Sure there's tons of dudes, but they are suuuuch douchebags it's not even funny. I like East coast boys all the way! Every longterm boyfriend I've had has been a NYC transplant, so I'm jealous of YOU.

    And Dolce and Bella! Too cute! We need to have a play date. And you better be posting over the knee boot shots! Holy hot! Arent they like the hottest effing things ever?!

    I hope you're having a great day love!! XO

  6. I wonder why there are more single men in LA than NY…I always picture young, impressionable women moving to LA–I thought they'd have more ladies…

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