If you were on twitter last night and happen to follow Ryan Seacrest (shush it), you might have caught his Tweet on “Best cities to be a Single Man or Single Woman”. His “blog” captured a map from the US Census, based on singles aged 20-64 that breaks down the best cities for singles, broken down by gender

NYC & N.NJ: 210,000 more single women than men.
LA: 90,000 more single men than women.

Last time I’ve been to L.A., I was 11 yrs old, so I have no idea what the current single scene is like there. I’m hoping to see L.A. living-gf Eva this Fall, so I guess I”ll be able to check it out then if these stats hold true…

West Coast chicks – feel free to share your thoughts please!

p.s. if I still have this blog at age 64, that’s gross & I expect ya’ll to stop reading…or maybe Ill just rename it ‘MidtownSeniorCitizen.com’. Sexxxy:-/