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Keeping Strong Friendships While in a Relationship…?

Mar 4th 2010 19 Comments

source I have a question and thought you dahlings could chime in…cuz ya know I love your input 😉 I have gf who has been a best friend for a Continue Reading »

SGR: Cosmo’s "How to be a Man Magnet"

Mar 3rd 2010 12 Comments

This article reminded me of an experience I had years ago… Back in my I-banking days, a male co-worker and I used to go out for cocktails during week nights Continue Reading »

SGR: Glamour’s "Ten Things Your Man Never Needs to Know"

Feb 23rd 2010 1 Comment

And speaking of guys.. I am sure I have made the mistake of TMI while having convos with a guy during the early stages of courtship. So what better way Continue Reading »

Dating 2.0: Google’s Amorous Super Bowl Ad

Feb 7th 2010 0 Comments

Who hasn’t Googled something about dating / relationships / love / romance??? This commercial is actually from Nov ’09 but Google execs decided to drop a load a cash – Continue Reading »

Single Girl Research: "8 Relationship Rules to Retire"

Jan 28th 2010 0 Comments

source How about if you & I take a stroll through Glamour’s “8 Relationship Rules to Retire” and decide which rules should stay and which ones need to go… “8 Continue Reading »

What Guys Like: Cosmo’s "6 Things Guys Notice 6 Seconds After You Meet"

Jan 20th 2010 0 Comments

It’s COSMO time!!! So…ever wonder what guys notice about you immediately when you first meet them? Well, wonder no more, dolls! Cosmo breaks down what the darling gents pay attention Continue Reading »

Solo Living in the City…

Nov 4th 2009 25 Comments

I recently read this NY Post article & wanted to share it with you dahlings… source Poll: Half of Manhattan residents live alone By CHUCK BENNETT – Last Updated: 10:31 Continue Reading »