So EX texted me again all day yesterday and proceeded to wonder why I wasn’t responding. He then left me a weeping vm detailing why it was so vicious of me to not even be friends with him as if I am the bad guy here.

As I was checking my vm, I get a call. I look, its EX. Ugh. I attempt to hit ignore, but in my irritated state, I end up hitting accept. Damn! –

HE: “How come you’re ignoring me?”
ME: “Oh god, what do you want?”
HE: “Why are you being so mean to me?”
ME: “Because I don’t want to talk to you ok. Please stop calling/texting/everything ok.”
HE: “Well, I guess you can’t talk to me anymore bc you found your knight in shining armour.”

My what? And I WISH!

ME: “I don’t know what you’re talking about and I really don’t want to talk to you. Not right now and not in general.”

EX starts to cryOMG why am I going through this – still?

ME: “Why are you crying?”
HE: “Bc you are being so mean to me and I just want to be friends with you, that’s all. You’ve changed so much and it hurts alot. I really loved and still love you. I feel bad about everything that happened in the past and it’s not fair that I have to punished for the rest of my life for one mistake.” (cheating)
ME: “We’ve had this convo a million times. It wasn’t just one mistake, it was a year of utter hell and look, I don’t think about it anymore and neither should you. Really, you have got to stop this, it’s getting old. I don’t hate you but this is really upsetting me.”
HE: “Why can’t we be friends though? I feel so all alone and I lost all of my friends when we were together bc I focused on you the whole time.”

WHATEVER you say.

ME: “Oh please stop the bullshit, its so tiring. I tried to be friends with you and you kept bugging me about working things out, when I told you sooo many times I had no interest. So it’s your fault that we can’t be friends.” does that ever work anyway?
HE: “I’m sorry. I don’t have any alternative motives this time, I just don’t want you to completely ignore me. You mean a lot to me and if you can just respond to my texts once in a while then I will be fine.”

EX is not crying anymore but has that shaky-voice thingy as if he is ready to break out the water works again.

ME: “If you want to say hi, then fine, but if you start any nonsense about working things out and/or giving you second chances, then you are cut off completely. I mean it, do not talk to me about anything relationship-oriented. I am saying this to you bc you were nice to my mother when she got sick and even sent her flowers. It meant alot to her and I appreciate that. But I mean it, I have no interest in ever working things out with you. So please respect that.”
HE: “I will and I just want to be able to talk to you sometimes. Thanks.”

I absolutely get soo freaked out when guys cry. It confuses me and almost makes me even more angry, but then I end up feeling like an evil-hearted witch. Guys -unless there’s an illness or family stuff – please, do not cry. Ever.

Have any of you had a past (or present) guy, cry?