Update: CB strikes 3 – HA!

Written by on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 with 2 comments

So I get a text earlier today from jerkface CB (it’s been a week since we last saw each other):

‘Ok. I’m bored and miss you. What are you doing?’

Like you girls have been saying — SUUUCH a LOSER!

2 Comments on “Update: CB strikes 3 – HA!”

  1. He totally is! And he is more of a jerkface for texting you only when he’s bored – I mean what are you? His entertainment? NO WAY!

    Stay strong! You’re awesome 😀

  2. Thank you WileLove – you are such a sweetie!

    Let's see how my date goes tomrw with this new guy…at least I think it's a date – who knows, lol. At least we are actually going out & doing something, unlike with the last freak!

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