Well, things didn’t pan out that Saturday for Dr. 85034 and me due to a last minute project. We ended up making plans to meet up on that Monday for dinner.

Ok, so I had suggested we meet at Pipa, a popular Spanish tapas place in Gramercy with TDF cocktails (seriously dangerous). I was introduced to this place by a past online date which didn’t work out – but thanks for the spot guy! Jumped in a cab, shot down to the location, and as I’m walking in, I’m actually not feeling anything…not nervous, not excited, not anything! Very, very strange…

I saw Dr. right away and he recognized me as well, and I must say he looked exactly like his pic – very cute and very tall…like super tall, but anything is better than being a shortie. We sat down and started chatting right away, no uneasiness, no uncomfortable silences – just normal, fun conversation. We ordered some mojito-margarita concoction which was waaaay too delicious along with some tasty tapas. Everything was shared as well as the mutual friendly rappor.

We talked about various subjects from family to recent trips and ended dinner with a second cocktail (which was way too strong). Got the check (he paid) and headed out. I definitely could tell he was buzzed from the tequila in the drinks (he just ran the marathon the night before, so I’m assuming the margar-ihnas were a shock to his squeaky clean bloodstream).

We decided to grab a drink somewhere else since he seemed to want to check out another place (I think he maybe the ‘I like to try something new all-the-time guy’, which frightens me a bit). Ended up in a quiet wine spot around the corner, even though we ordered regular drinks and talked more…about what you ask?…hmm I myself am trying to remember. I do recall asking him a dozen or so times if he missed NYC, to which he responded each time with a resounding yes. We also talked about when the next time we would see each other would be…

This is his schedule:
– Next week in Chicago since his parents are moving there.
– Thanksgiving in AZ.
– Christmas somewhere (I forgot what he said).

And apparently, he wants to come to NYC for New Year’s presumably to spend with me…uhm what?


Ok back to that night – we went to one more bar which was completely unnecessary, had a crappy dive bar drink and then left to pick up my dog to walk her around the block. He was definitely not sober, judging from him dragging my poor pooch while she was pooping…poor thing couldn’t even poop in place ;-). I brought doggie back upstairs (he ask to come up, to which I replied, ‘uhm no, not really’) and then I came back down. Throughout the night he became more affectionate (couldn’t have been because he was slowing getting wasted could it?) and we kissed in front of my place for a few minutes. He definitely was up for doing more, but that surely was not gonna happen, puhlease.

I usually don’t make out on the first date (oh shush), but he seemed so inoffensive it wasn’t a big deal…and neither was the kiss…lol. It’s fine we just met so its not a big deal, plus we got along really well except when we got to the last bar, I think my sarcasm got a bit overwhelming for him, but that’s his prob not mine! Anyways…he headed back to his friends apt where he was staying and me into mine.

Next day we spoke before he left for his flight and he told me he would get back to me with his sched to plan for New Year’s (this I still don’t get, I mean isn’t that a boyfriend/girlfriend thingy? Like for serious relationships, or am I wrong, please explain…). We also spoke about me possibly traveling to AZ, since I’ve never been. That was pretty much it. I have no idea what to make of any of this because it’s neither good nor bad. Nothing negative happened but nothing super awesome either, I guess its prob bc he only had one day here to spend with me and the next time he will be here will be in January. I’m not sure what to do at this point bc I haven’t spent enough time to decipher if there is even a point.

Guess I will continue along until something terribly negative occurs….or unless someone terribly amazing comes along…yes I said it 😉