A week before that last night out with CB, my protective female psyche had kicked in when CB had asked me what I would be doing on Valentine’s Day. I told him I had made plans ahead of time with my single gf’s to go out. Which isn’t really untrue, bc they are going out, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go out in general.

See, I wasn’t sure where CB & I would be dating-wise on V-Day and just in case, I didn’t want to commit to plans with someone I may not want to have plans with – instincts are a saving grace!

So my plans for Sat were still in limbo, when, out of no where V.G. (Valentine’s Day Guy) gives me a call. V.G. is a guy I had went out with quite some time ago and hadn’t spoken to since. It’s not that he wasn’t nice/attractive/intelligent, etc., there just wasn’t any real connection. Which is fine. But now he’s calling me to ask if I have plans on V-Day (which I really don’t) and if we can go out for dinner.

He’s a good person (I think so anyway) but I have no interest in pursuing any type of relationship whatsoever with him…but it was sweet for him to ask me out for Sat right?? And clearly he doesn’t have anyone in his life he’s interested in going out with, so would it be so terrible if I said yes???

Your thoughts darlings?