In 2008, I created Midtown Girl to share personal experiences, life in NYC and Manhattan food & travel. Midtown Girl is a place where our dynamic and diverse audience can share advice, ideas & recommendations.

I stand in solidarity with our Black friends, our Black audience and the Black community. I am extremely hopeful, especially with our younger generations, that these last few weeks will lead to the societal changes that are long overdue.

On behalf of myself & Midtown Girl, a donation was made to, a Black-women led alliance that works to advance Black maternal health, rights, and justice.

On behalf of myself & my hyper-local marketing platform, Poppy, a donation was made to Black Youth Project 100, a national organization of Black 18-35 year olds creating justice & freedom for all Black people.

MG has been covering the NYC restaurant & hospitality industries for 10+ years. We will support, continue to support & feature Black-owned restaurants on all our Dining Out lists. New post coming!