I’ve been in the dating scene for a while (esp. online dating) and sometimes I think…I know “how” to date. Meaning, I have experienced pretty much the worst/kinda best in the online dating world and think I know what things to do & what things to avoid.

But, sometimes I make mistakes too…

Take for ex. a recent shiteous first date I had. After emailing back & forth w.  a potential match for about a week, he asked me to meet for a drink. An attorney who lives on the UWS, he seemed well versed in various life experiences & travels. But he only had 2 pics in his profile. One that was really good and one that was…well, not so much.

Not a good sign.

Anywho, I figured it couldn’t be that awful (have I not learned this lesson already? for shiz), so I emailed back the day before with a time and he confirmed we were good to go. Bc I have been crazy (but amazingly) busy with great projects related to MG, I never spoke to this guy over the phone.

HA-UGE mistake.

Ugh. Anyway, after running around the city for meetings, I came home, got dressed and headed over to the location he suggested – conveniently located in his hood.

Another mistake.

IMO, a guy should meet you in a location that is centrally located b/w the both of you. Right?


But, of course, I agreed so I shouldn’t be complaining right?


Wrong because once I got there, said guy was nowhere to be found. So I’m thinking to myself…

Wait, did this douche just stand me up…REALLY?

I ordered a cocktail and decided to wait. After abt 5 mins, I called the guy and it went straight to his vm. I text & no response. Wow. The cute Irish bartender looked at my face and was ready to offer me a shot on the house when someone taps me on the shoulder….

Guy (in a crazy heavy accent & abt 90lbs on a good day): “Hi!”

Me: “Hey.” (wtf)

Guy: “I didn’t know we were still on for tonight?” (really asshole?)

Me: “Well, you sent me a confirm email yesterday, so I figured we were all good.”

Guy: “Good thing I only live a  block away, I ran over here.” (good thing) “I was watching ‘Dancing w. the Stars’ when you called.” (fuck)

Apparently the bar area at the Irish pub he decided to meet at was too “loud” so we end up sitting at a table. He starts chatting about how he works alot and how NYC is sooo congested and how it’s hard to meet people…

Guy: “I find bars to be a very impersonal way of meeting someone. I’m a very family-oriented person. I would love to meet someone and get married. And probably move back to my country.”

I wish I had that shot.

20 mins later & while he’s still  chatting, I’m figuring out a way how to get out of this. I had met him right after work, so I explained to him how I had to go home to walk my dog bc she hadn’t been out since the morning. I think he prob got the point…

Guy: “Oh, ok. Well let’s get the check then.” (let’s)

Guy grabs the check and sits back down. He opens the bill ($17) and lays it out for me to see…

Guy: “Shall we split it?”

Shall we WHAT???

Now, let me explain something. This guy asked ME out for a cocktail. He suggested a place in HIS area. He showed up 15 mins LATE. And now he wants me to split a $17 check?

Price for not learning from past dating experiences: This SHITTY Date.

I pay the $9 bc I don’t need to argue about nonsense plus I never plan on seeing this awesome guy ever again. I head out of the bar like a bat out of hell and think to myself – how could I have avoided this night & why did I have to go through this?

Is it bc I didn’t do what I usually do and decided to be more spontaneous? Sheesh.


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p.p.s. – Thank you dahlings for being with me through my dating stories – I LOVE YOU x 100.